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Sunday 2nd October, 2022

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My franchise story: Ad de Waard, MD of fit20


My franchise story: Ad de Waard, MD of fit20

Celebrating fit20’s 10th anniversary, Ad de Waard looks back on a decade of success

Celebrating fit20’s 10th anniversary, Ad de Waard looks back on a decade of success

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More than a decade ago, I was a loyal client of the fitness studio operated by Walter Vendel, the founder of what later became fit20. Walter asked me if I was willing to test a new training method called High- Intensity Training (HIT), and assured that an expert from America would be present to show us how it’s done.

At that time, I had a busy international job in the medical business. I was traveling a lot and had little time available to work on my personal health and fitness. The HIT training experience was a game-changer. It turned out that the method I was testing required only 20 minutes, once per week.

As a medical professional, I was interested in the scientific backing for the program. I was soon impressed by its extensively published evidence; I saw that this method of training really was a fundamental way to improve health and fitness in only one session per week. It was revolutionary for those with a hectic schedule who still valued keeping fit.

A decade later, when fit20 was having a lot of success in its home market, Walter stated it was time to expand internationally. Being a long term loyal customer myself, and knowing the area of international business development so well, I was immediately excited by the opportunity and offered my support.

Eventually, I got involved and joined fit20 full time. It’s since been hugely rewarding to see fit20 launch in eight more countries, with more regions to follow suit soon.

fit20 is distinctly different from other large or small fitness programs, as it combines optimal convenience with superb health benefits for its customers. Our users often find the fit20 experience a relief, as it provides them with the perfect personal solution to balance their health and fitness with their busy lives.

The fit20 franchise offers an unparalleled business opportunity because it serves the largest segment of the population: individuals who want to partake in a fitness program but haven’t found a way to actually do so. There isn’t a concept like fit20.

fit20 is a transparent franchise formula. It offers tremendous unit economics for single and multi-unit owners, as well as master franchisees. Initial training is provided by the fit20 Academy both online and offline. Proprietary training software applications, meticulous marketing and studio design elements protect the fit20 formula. Continued innovation will help to sustain the unique position fit20 has.


Name of franchise: fit20
Established: 2009
Number of franchised outlets: 145+
Location of units: Netherlands, U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Qatar, New Zealand
Investment range: Country dependent
Minimum required capital: Country dependent
Contact: or +31618194364

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