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Monday 29th May, 2023

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Mighty Dog Roofing claims its 250th territory 


Mighty Dog Roofing claims its 250th territory 

The roof repair franchise has sold more units than any other roof repair brand in just three years

Horse Power Brands, the owner and operator of Mighty Dog Roofing, has announced the sale of the 250th territory in the roof repair brand’s history. 

With an innovative portfolio of products and services, Mighty Dog Roofing continues to grow and is establishing itself as the U.S.’s largest roof repair brands. By offering drone and A.I. capabilities, Mighty Dog Roofing is able to separate itself from other brands and provide its franchisees with a compelling raft of services to continue growing its share of the market. 

“Mighty Dog roofing will continue to grow and be a big player in the roofing and home exterior markets. In the last two business quarters we are averaging almost six territorial locations sold per month and our opening rate is 54 per cen higher than it was in the first 12 months of operation” said Lincoln Zehr, brand president of Mighty Dog Roofing. 

“We’ve experienced tremendous success in the Texas and Georgia markets and have prime territories across the entire U.S. that remain great opportunities for growth and implementation of the brand.” 

As well as expanding its national presence, the brand is looking to introduce fully integrated solar, window and siding solutions by the end of 2022. This creates more opportunities for franchisees to offer products year-round and in areas with fluctuating climates. 

“250 Territories is a landmark number to me. Less than 5 per cent of franchise systems ever get to one hundred units so to more than double that not only means we have a fantastic model that was able to grow quickly but has fantastic infrastructure and franchisee success to keep that number climbing,” said Josh Hoffmann, director of franchise development for Mighty Dog Roofing. 

“We have seen vast collaboration amongst neighboring franchise owners which attracts top candidates that want to be a part of the Mighty Dog Roofing system. We are seeing more folks in mid-major cities and more suburban/rural markets growing. Everyone has a roof, so while most systems thrive in only major metros, our system truly is repeatable in any market that meets our demographic standards. The second aspect is the way we have responsibly sold units.  

“No owners have more than five territories. This has allowed for more owners in the system to create a bigger footprint rather than single owners owning entire metros or states. It makes the system stronger and has allowed continued responsible growth. It all comes down to the quality of owners who have come on board over the last 18 months and the continued franchisor support.  

“Both reasons being why we continue to see sustained growth, top owners see the success of like-minded people and the Mighty Dog Roofing and Horse Power Brands support teams continue to be best in class!” 

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