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Wednesday 7th December, 2022

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Franchise watch: Join HOODZ International’s global franchising expansion


Franchise watch: Join HOODZ International’s global franchising expansion

Partner with the leading kitchen exhaust cleaning franchise

Partner with the leading kitchen exhaust cleaning franchise.

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Building on its strong growth throughout North America, HOODZ is bolstering its global presence by expanding into Ireland and the United Kingdom in 2021. “We’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs who want to own a business that keeps restaurants in their community safe, compliant with regulations, and open for business,” says Joseph Manuszak, VP of international development for BELFOR Franchise Group.

If you want to own a recession-resistant business that serves an untapped need in a fast-growing industry, investing in a HOODZ franchise is a wise choice. With more than 135 territories owned throughout the U.S. and Canada, HOODZ is the premier kitchen exhaust cleaning franchise thanks to its superior customer service, exceptional training and certifications, and the extensive resources and support from being a part of BELFOR Franchise Group, a global leader in services franchises.

Manuszak also says: “If you’re going to leave a career to start a new life as a business owner, you want to be sure that the reward is going to be worth the risk.” HOODZ offers robust training and ongoing franchise support to help turn driven individuals into savvy, seasoned entrepreneurs.

By providing training that focuses on technical expertise and business development, marketing support, a 24/7 call center, and access to industry experts who know how to grow a commercial kitchen cleaning business, HOODZ takes the guesswork out of owning a business and will help you chart a clear path to growth.


Unlike other brands in the foodservice industry, HOODZ focuses on helping restaurants – and any building that serves out of a commercial kitchen – remain in compliance with health and safety codes. The brand specializes in cleaning kitchen exhaust hood systems, conveyor ovens, pressure washing, hood filters, grease containment, and appliance deep cleaning. Its services prevent grease fires, on-the-job injuries, workers comp insurance claims, and help maintain a level of cleanliness that today’s consumers expect.

The best part? Because the majority of the brand’s services are mandated by law, HOODZ doesn’t have to look far for customers. All commercial kitchens in restaurants must have their kitchen exhaust systems inspected and cleaned on a regularly scheduled interval.

Clients include not only restaurants, but also schools, hospitals, arenas, and thousands of other locations that need to hire a certified and professional provider to help them stay up to code. Because the majority of operators in the restaurant cleaning industry work independently, HOODZ is able to secure long-term contracts and establish longstanding relationships with its clients because it delivers a level of professionalism that sets the standard for the industry. This means that franchise owners benefit from not only multiple lines of service, but also recurring revenue streams.

“There are two big things that most potential franchise owners look at when they’re evaluating the HOODZ franchise that set it apart from most of the other opportunities out there,” says Keith Turner, president of HOODZ. “The first of those is the recurring aspect of the work we do. The work we do is not a one-time sale or a one-time service, but something that we do over and over again for the life of a client’s business.

“The other piece of it, which is equally important, is the fact that it’s compliance-based. Most of the services that we provide are required services,” Turner continues. “They’re not optional services. So it’s not something where you’re trying to convince a prospect of the need for the service. It’s something that they know they have to have. It’s just a matter of who they’re going to pick to go with for the service, and from that standpoint, there’s no one out there that can compete with the quality and service of HOODZ.”

Owning a kitchen exhaust cleaning business is a relationship-driven endeavor. Owners of restaurants and managers of commercial kitchens understand the need for compliance, health and safety codes, and they want to hire a company that is reliable, professional and transparent.

Because the industry is fragmented, and the majority of businesses in this sector are independent operators, HOODZ is able to secure relationships and retain business simply by being accountable, professional, and by offering a comprehensive menu of services.


• Exhaust fan hinge kit and access panel installation
• Exhaust fan belt replacement
• Conveyor oven cleaning
• Filter cleaning and exchange
• Soak tank service program
• Kitchen floor cleaning
• Grease trap cleaning
• Equipment cleaning

All of these services are designed to make commercial kitchens safer and are invaluable to restaurant owners and managers, all while generating several significant additional revenue streams for our franchise owners.


“The training that BELFOR Franchise Group provides is far beyond anything else in the industry,” Turner says. “From the marketing support to the call center, to the ongoing coaching, you will have all the resources you need to get established quickly and grow your business. The demand for our services is truly enormous, and it’s only going to increase going forward. If you’re ready to capitalize on a highly lucrative niche in a booming segment, HOODZ is the right opportunity for you.”

You may not have any experience in cleaning exhaust systems in commercial kitchens. You may have never set foot in a commercial kitchen before – and that’s okay. HOODZ’s training platform is designed to fast-track you from novice to expert in a short period of time.

At the brand’s training facility, you are taught everything you need to know about how to become proficient in the services that HOODZ offers. The brand will teach you how to use its equipment and walk you through the services on offer with hands-on training. By the time you graduate from training, you’ll be proficient in performing all services at a high level.


HOODZ is a home-based business for a reason. The organization doesn’t want you to have to spend money on renting an office space and hiring an office manager in the pivotal early months of the launch of your business.

Because of this, HOODZ gives you access to a 24/7 call center that exists to pick up the phone when your customers call and ensure that their experience with HOODZ is positive from the get-go. This invaluable support will not only keep you organized, but it will also allow you to focus on building your business.

HOODZ also provides you with the full support of its in-house marketing team. Marketing can be one of the most challenging aspects of launching a new business, but HOODZ has the team to assist you. It will provide you with the necessary marketing materials to help you build brand awareness, as well as assistance with establishing your digital footprint, gaining online reviews, generating leads, and more.


Established: 135 territories

Total investment range: £120,000 – £141,500 (includes £43,000 minimum working capital)


(Outside of U.K.) Joseph Manuszak, VP of international franchise development –, +1 616 560 8686

(U.K) Iain Martin, international franchise consultant –, 01562 261162

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