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Saturday 26th November, 2022

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Head of marketing agency Local Fame set to launch new book for franchisors 


Head of marketing agency Local Fame set to launch new book for franchisors 

Dani Peleva has extensive experience in the field and has committed them to paper

Dani Peleva is the founder and CEO of Local Fame, a marketing agency that claimed the Best PR & Marketing Firm award at The Global Franchise Awards 2022 in March earlier this year. Peleva has been on a journey in the world of franchsing, and one that has seen her work for a franchisor, become a franchisee and is now providing marketing support to franchise brands. 

Peleva began her franchising career at Fantastic Services by leading the branding and marketing teams to success, but like many who work in the industry, was attracted by the proposition of being a franchisee. In 2012, she bought her own franchise and used the income to pay for a master’s degree before selling her unit. She launched Local Fame in 2014 after having been on both sides of the aisle, and now runs a successful marketing agency. 

She has taken the knowledge gained over her career and filtered it down into a book titled ‘Franchise Fame’. Her book outlines the ‘Five Fs of Franchise Marketing’ and will feature interactive segments, case studies, checklists and plenty of real-life case studies.  

She wants to marry up the advice franchisors receive from marketers, who focus on lead generation, franchisee sales and operations with the management class, who rarely speak on those issues. Peleva’s book states the importance of managing different stakeholders to create a sustainable business. 

Her passion for business stems from her experiences as a child, where she saw her parents work hard to create their own business, but ultimately fell through as they lacked the business acumen and crucially, the support. Consequently, she had to grow up quickly and take care of her siblings as her parents worked multiple jobs to support the family. 

“It was a great business with a great product, and they put all their hearts into it,” said Peleva. 

“Looking back, they didn’t have the knowledge on how to take a product to market or any business experience. In hindsight had they had the support that a franchise provides, they would have succeeded. I couldn’t help back then, I can now.” 

The book will be available from 25 May onwards at major booksellers. 

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