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Friday 23rd February, 2024

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GF podcast: Tim Vogel of Scenthound


GF podcast: Tim Vogel of Scenthound

The CEO and founder of Scenthound explains how lifestyle franchises can stay ahead of the pack

The CEO and founder of Scenthound explains how lifestyle franchises can stay ahead of the pack.

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Dogs have become an integral part of many people’s lives, with the phrase “man’s best friend” being more significant today than ever. In the U.K., for example, over 3.2 million pets were bought during lockdown – a figure that shows just how fruitful franchise concepts in this segment can truly be.

Enter, Scenthound. As a wellness-centered, membership-driven dog grooming franchise, the business has gone from strength to strength with plans to sign over 100 new franchise locations before the year’s end. But the fact is that Scenthound isn’t the only canine-centric operation around, so how will it stay ahead of the pack and entice new franchisees?

To find out, we wanted to sit down with Tim Vogel, CEO and founder of Scenthound, and learn a little about how the brand has evolved since its groundwork was laid almost two decades ago. And, perhaps just as important, how Scenthound will continue to sign expansive multi-unit franchising deals.

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