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Monday 29th May, 2023

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GF podcast: Red Boswell of IFPG


GF podcast: Red Boswell of IFPG

Franchise veteran Red Boswell sets out three ways franchisors can boost their franchisee recruitment

Franchise veteran Red Boswell sets out three ways franchisors can boost their franchisee recruitment.

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Our guest today has been president of the International Franchise Professionals Group – or IFPG – since 2018, but he’s been a recognizable face in international franchising for the better part of three decades.

Red Boswell has been everything from a CEO to a franchise consultant, so if you’re looking for somebody that truly understands the benefits of this business model, look no further. On this episode of the podcast, we get a rundown of Red’s career up until this point and extract some of the key learnings that have helped him to guide the more than 1,000 franchise professionals that make up IFPG’s membership.

Want to know why the initial franchise fee is one of the most important tools for business growth? Or how to identify the perfect franchisee profile for your future hires? Learn this, and much more, on this instalment of the Global Franchise Podcast.

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