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Esports franchise Valhallan lands on British shores 


Esports franchise Valhallan lands on British shores 

The budding esports franchise brand is looking to open training arena franchises across the U.K.

Valhallan has announced its arrival onto U.K. shores, and is looking to open training arena franchises in the U.K. to meet with the growing demand for youth esports programs. The brand intends to help young people explore their love for gaming and facilitate their interaction to escape the isolation that sometimes come with esports. The brand has an 18-month training program that teaches the necessary in-game skills as well as important life skills and values like teamwork and sportsmanship. 

The brand plans to launch the United Kingdom Esports League (UKEL) in the coming months, and will act as a platform for the competitive side of Valhallan’s offering. It will host local, regional and national tournaments, where children can compete and prove their skills against teams both from inside and outside of Valhallan. The UKEL will be able to join the North American Esports League (NAEL) and other international leagues to compete in tournaments. 

Matt Phillips, Valhallan brand president, wanted to find a way to include business and mathematics into his high-functioning, 15-year-old autistic son’s life. He saw his son’s love for gaming and competition, and launched his own training arena to help his son and others like him. 

“We know that today, kids aren’t joining traditional athletic teams as much as they used to, and so we want to give them an opportunity to be on a team, and be able to communicate as a team member,” said Phillips.  

“At Valhallan, we combine team IQ, player IQ and game IQ, teaching young people from all different backgrounds the value of teamwork and how to communicate in a highly competitive environment.” 

The brand’s expansion into the U.K. will combine competition with education, which is Valhallan’s distinctive feature. 

“Operating a Valhallan esports training arena is a unique experience,” said Phillips.  

“You don’t need gaming knowledge – the curriculum and your coaches will provide the expertise needed. You’ll be able to cheer your players on alongside their parents and become a top fan of your teams. From daily practice and regular competitions to birthday parties and camps, you are fully immersed in Valhallan, supporting players every step of their journey.” 

The brand will hold its first discovery day in London on 28 July. 

Valhallan made its first acquisition last month, read more here.

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