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Batteries Plus plans to develop in Florida 


Batteries Plus plans to develop in Florida 

The brand for batteries, lights bulbs, key fobs and repair will develop locations with experienced entrepreneurs

Batteries Plus has announced extensive plans to develop the brand in Southern Florida. The brand has already made strong progress in the state in 2022, having opened 35 stores, and 10 of those in Southern Florida. Experienced entrepreneurs Cecilia and Jorge Mattei, Cory Barrow, Jazz Singh, Jim Lipps and Greg Stai will outline their plans to expand the brand across Southern Florida.  

The Matteis already have significant experience in franchising with their eight McDonald’s locations, and will operate three Batteries Plus stores with Cory Barrow, a high school teacher. Jim Lipps is a veteran with three years of restaurant management experience and has invested in two locations with his fiance. Alongside his UPS store, Greg Stai will operate three Batteries Plus locations after selling his $8m logistics business. Jazz Singh will make use of all of his experience as a hardware store owner in the operation of his two Batteries Plus locations. 

“It’s an honor to be able to provide the necessary resources that Floridians are so reliant upon,” said Cecilia Mattei, Batteries Plus franchisee.  

“Southern Florida communities depend on reliable sources of energy, especially during seasons of severe weather. To contribute to the community in such a way is humbling, and I hope residents of South Florida can be confident knowing they have access to the tools needed to sustain their energy sources at Batteries Plus.” 

Communities across Southern Florida can expect to find stores in Boca Raton, Miami-Dade and Broward Communities, Miami, Naples and Fort Myers.   

“It’s an honor to witness the immense market growth our brand has demonstrated in the state of Florida, an area that is so dependent on reliable power sources and tools during severe weather season,” says Joe Malmuth, vice president of franchise development and relations for Batteries Plus. 

“The passion Mattei and Singh demonstrate as franchisees is a direct representation of Batteries Plus’ goal to make the necessary resources to power our lives more accessible in communities everywhere. We look forward to expanding our footprint and providing essential products and services to South Florida, an area that needs it most.” 

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