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Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Franchise Marketing Firm


Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Franchise Marketing Firm

A team of innovative problem solvers, Reshift Media is constantly innovating to develop leading-edge digital marketing strategies

Sometimes, franchise brands need a little help and guidance when it comes to marketing themselves. And Reshift Media has been a real industry leader, being named the Best Franchise Marketing Firm at the Global Franchise Awards 2023.

With its extensive experience in franchise systems, the company has been a part of the franchise community since it launched in 2012, developing proprietary technology and processes which enable franchises to simultaneously maintain a consistent overall strategy and brand standards while also enabling franchisees to pursue their local digital marketing objectives.

It doesn’t matter if you are an established franchise working with thousands of locations, or you are new to franchising – Reshift Media’s approach is efficient for all business models, including ‘bricks-and-mortar’ companies, virtual organizations and territory-based structures.

A dream come true

Having received the Best Franchise Marketing Firm Award, Steve Buors, CEO and co-founder of Reshift Media, said: “It’s an honor to see this award. We are very happy to be chosen by the judges (there are some really esteemed people on that panel). And honestly, if you had told us as an organization 10 years ago that we would be standing here having just won this award, we wouldn’t have believed it. It’s absolutely fantastic!

“We are really involved in the franchise community. We work with the Franchise Association in Canada and franchisors around the world on a number of initiatives. It is the fact that we are so heavily involved in franchising and how many different countries we operate in [that helped us win over the judges].

“We are planning on launching a new piece of software specifically for franchise systems called Localfy. We also have two other pieces of software, which are evolving really rapidly and for which we are launching some really exciting new features. We are going to double the size of the company this year. We fully expect that come this time next year we will be twice as big – and hopefully here again!”

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