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Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Franchise PR Firm


Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Franchise PR Firm

Pushing the boundaries of what most would consider to be ‘traditional PR’, BizCom Associates has played a key role in helping businesses tell their stories

When it comes to getting the word out about brand evolutions and changes, marketing and public relations have been fundamentals of every franchisor’s business plan, particularly over the previous year. So, it’s no surprise that the outstanding efforts of Bizcom Associates has led to the brand being named the Best Franchise PR Firm at the awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

BizCom Associates provides a full range of professional services while pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be ‘traditional PR’. The publicity, digital marketing, design and publishing divisions of the brand provide franchises with all the tools needed to reach and engage audiences. The strategic divisions, BizCom PR, Digital BizCom, BizCom Design and BizCom Press deliver integrated programs that drive results, all while blurring the lines between PR and marketing.

Expanding the reach

Upon receiving the award for Best Franchise PR Firm, Monica Feid, COO and co-founder of BizCom Associates, commented: “It’s such a thrill. It’s just a great honor to be recognized for what we do, but we love what we do. And so this is just the cherry on top.

“We got an award for being the best public relations agency in this category, but over the last couple of years, we’ve really expanded to doing social media and digital services, as well as traditional PR and media relations. So we’ve expanded a lot and I think it shows.

“It’s brand awareness and helping the franchisors that are on our roster tell their success story and create the attraction to bring more franchisees to those systems. So we really help our clients grow their networks.

“We have a code of values, the BizComCARES, and we like to think that we bring collaboration and respect. It’s very special for us to create a culture where we’re philanthropic, but we’re also supporting our clients at the same time. All of our networks and client roster are seeing great success in this economy, and we want to continue to grow and help franchisors reach their potential.”

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