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Franchisors of the future: Cyberbacker


Franchisors of the future: Cyberbacker

Capitalizing on the need for virtual assistants in every sector, Cyberbacker is on track to becoming a leading global player

Like any good business idea, Cyberbacker was born out of a need that the current market was not fulfilling. It was conceptualized when founder and CEO Craig Goodliffe was well in the weeds with his successful real estate business and coaching and training empire. Recognizing the need for help, he sought out a talented virtual assistant who dramatically affected his business. This positive experience set him on a path to flesh out a business model for his new venture, and Cyberbacker was born in 2018.

Since then, the brand has been on a mission to provide premium administrative support from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. Cyberbacker provides over 400 training classes a month for its virtual assistants, or Cyberbackers, to participate in. Led by a veteran in the company, called a Headbacker, all Cyberbackers have the support and resources needed to succeed.

Staying at the forefront

“In 2018, Cyberbacker was conceptualized with a simple goal, to help business owners with basic administrative tasks. From there, we set out to disrupt the virtual assistant industry and change the way professionals conduct work,” says Jason Stowe, vice president of franchising.

As the pandemic has shifted traditional workplaces and overall lifestyles, Cyberbacker has cornered the market, growing by leaps and bounds in a short timeframe. Recognizing how the world has adapted to a variety of working conditions, especially with small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes struggling to keep up, virtual assistants have slowly integrated with many industries. Crucial to its success, Cyberbacker has continued to develop its own technologies to provide the best service and stay at the forefront.

“Companies and small businesses around the world are wanting to hire the best talent, no matter where they can find it,” explains Jason. “Cyberbacker is committed to providing the best services for our partners around the world. We continuously develop our systems and processes in line with current technology to ensure an unrivaled experience with our virtual assistants.”

Considered one of the largest virtual assistance platforms, the brand has acquired an impressive 3,850 clients since its creation and is equipped to service clients in over 49 industries, including accounting, e-commerce, legal services, travel and tourism and many more.

Companies and small businesses want to hire the best talent, no matter where they can find it”

“Our brand has been consistently evolving and growing to incorporate more industries in more locations around the globe, successfully disrupting the industry. With the future of work shifting every day, it is clear that our services are in demand and business owners around the globe can benefit from a Cyberbacker,” continues Jason.

Changing the game

In 2022, Cyberbacker added an additional 38 franchises – 37 in the U.S. and one in Canada. The brand continues to focus on broadening its presence and support a variety of different markets across the U.S. and Canada. It will soon be opening its first franchise location in the U.K. too, with plans for targeted expansion into Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa throughout 2023. It is hoping to have at least 100 franchisees and 10,000 clients by the end of this year.

“Our proven business model has continued to be successful in all of our current territories and we are confident that we can implement the same success for franchisees in new areas all over America and the globe,” says Jason. “We are humbled by the success that we have had this far but are hungry to become the leader in virtual businesses support globally.”

Cyberbacker for good

The virtual assistant franchise has also been able to give back to its loyal employees, continuing the Cyberbacker Charity which helps employees when they experience issues during typhoons, COVID, and other calamities. It is hoping to invest $1m by the end of 2023, with another goal of doubling the amount by 2024.

The brand also offers low-cost loans for homes and cars with the interest charged going back into the company’s profit-sharing program called Cyber Capital which supports many of its developing country-based employees. The program so far has helped them buy houses and cars, receive health care, and contributed to their retirement fund.

Change for the better: Rich rector, Cyberbacker franchisee

As a businessman, real estate professional and coach, based in California, Rich Rector found himself overwhelmed with his workload: 30-minute coaching sessions with 65 people per week left him with no time left to send emails and everything else he needed to do in between to grow his businesses. It also meant that he didn’t have time to train someone else to help him lighten his workload.

After learning about the brand, Rich was intrigued and found his first Cyberbacker, Sheila, who communicates with him every day while completing tasks related to marketing, web design, social media, video editing, and note-taking. He views his partnership with Cyberbacker as complementary to his businesses, having experienced increased productivity and efficiency as a result.

“Cyberbacker allows you to take your business to the next level by being able to leverage your time and maximize productivity,” he explains.

“Cyberbackers are ready to use their own skill sets to complete tasks you may need help with or are otherwise not able to complete in a timely manner.

“I talk to my assistant multiple times a day, and Sheila quickly became a trusted business partner rather than just a virtual assistant.”

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