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Saturday 24th February, 2024

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Global Franchise Awards 2023: Regional Champion: Europe


Global Franchise Awards 2023: Regional Champion: Europe

With more than a thousand partners across the world, ActionCOACH is delivering cutting-edge education and advice to business owners

As part of a relatively new category, the Regional Champion: Europe, franchise brands have shown an international presence that extends beyond their domestic market. But the business that has undoubtedly captivated the judges is ActionCOACH.

The largest business coaching franchise in the world, ActionCOACH is about to enter its 30th year of operations. The franchise supports small to medium size businesses globally to raise profits and create more successful economies in their communities. The company has partners in more than 75 countries and around 1100 partners worldwide.

With immense potential for growth, business coaches work directly with business owners, executives and their teams to make lasting change in their organizations.

The rapid expansion

Commenting on winning the Regional Champion Award, Carmen Gigar, the chief partner experience officer for ActionCOACH Global, shared: “It’s an amazing feeling to be amongst some of the top brands in the world. ActionCOACH started with very humble beginnings and is now in 70 countries, we’re 1100 partners strong and we continue to grow. We’re going to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year! To be in the presence of the other nominees as well as the other winners is very humbling. We’re very, very proud!

“The key to the success is really our vision of spreading world abundance through business education, it’s about being an extra support for business owners out there that have been in some cases abandoned by local governments or local municipalities. We step in and provide business coaching services and give entrepreneurs a chance to start a business that actually gives back to the community. So, the model is working, we’re continuing to expand and we’re very, very excited about the possibilities in 2023!”

Look into the future

Carmen continued: “We actually have nine areas that we are focusing on this year. Places like Singapore, Central Africa, Poland, Italy, Sweden are just a few of the areas that we’re looking at. But we’re also looking to grow additional units in the existing countries that we currently offer and the master licensees, because there’s room for everyone. And again, our abundance principles show that, so we’re looking forward to adding to our family.

“We have 14 points of culture that we build on every day. They’re all really equally important. But this recent year, we have launched a new financial opportunity for our franchise partners in a subscription membership model that really reaches out to the community at large. It’s built on four major pillars: care, accountability, results and education. It gives our franchise partners the opportunity to impact more clients at a time, and it gives them an ongoing revenue stream so we feel like we’re trying to serve both sides of the business equation.

“For 2023, we have new systems for our franchise partners, updated information, our new membership program and new countries. Stay tuned, there’s a lot going on at ActionCOACH!

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