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Monday 26th February, 2024

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The gym with a ‘no limits’ experience

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The gym with a ‘no limits’ experience

Renowned for its immersive environment, Crunch Fitness is on a mission to help members reach their goals while Crunching the competition in Canada

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Crunch is a health club chain that leads the industry infusing fitness and entertainment. Since opening its doors in New York’s East Village in 1989, the brand’s mission has been to make working out a good time.

Today, Crunch is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind group fitness classes and unique programming for its wildly diverse members. With this much going on, Crunch is more than a gym. It’s a fitness community for all types of people, with all types of goals, exercising all different ways, working it out at the same place together.

The brand has taken the Crunch name global with franchises in multiple countries around the world and is not slowing down any time soon. Crunch franchise owners can become part of a revolutionary concept that’s only growing stronger. The brand serves over two million members with more than 1,400 franchise units sold and 420+ gyms worldwide, including the U.S., Australia, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, with more than 30 locations in Canada.

Inspiring hub for people from all walks of life

Crunch is led by a world-class team of fitness professionals that have identified a sweet spot in the market. The Crunch culture combines fun, an excellent member experience and a strong and successful growth trajectory. It serves a fitness community for all kinds of people from different age groups, with all types of goals, exercising all different ways, working it out at the same place together.

Franchising in Canada is big business, with franchises generating $100 billion in sales annually. According to Franchise 101 Inc., a new franchise opens every two hours, 365 days a year across the country. In fact, Canada has the second largest franchise industry in the world, outranked only by the U.S. Crunch is one of the hottest fitness clubs in one of the best industries there is.

Since arriving in Canada in 2017, Crunch has opened over 30 clubs and sold over 100 franchises, growing the brand base even more throughout the country. Fitness franchising has been a booming sector as Canadians shift to healthier lifestyles. People are looking for new and exciting ways to get in shape and help them stick to a workout routine.

Crunch has never been stronger, and as it continues its expansion throughout Canada in 2023, there’s no limit on opportunities for success. The brand’s goal is to continue to strengthen its communities one member at a time all while making serious fitness fun.

Crunch’s office is conveniently located in central Ontario near Toronto, with multiple clubs throughout the country from Ontario to Quebec and as far as Alberta. It’s the ideal location to be accessible and available to attend to the needs of all franchisees for anything, anytime.

Expanding Crunch into Canada represents a great opportunity to provide existing and new members with the high-quality, affordable fitness experience Crunch is known for. The brand is looking forward to working with new partners and franchisees across the country, as it moves into new markets and further accelerates its growth.

The right brand, industry and time

As the industry recovers from the pandemic and consumer expectations change, Crunch has been ahead of the curve in embracing technology to augment the member experience, and it has paid dividends.

Crunch has led the health club industry in growth throughout the pandemic experiencing 134 per cent growth from pre-COVID-19 membership levels. With a proven business model in place, Crunch is the number 1 fastest growing high value, low-priced full-size fitness franchise with $700 million in network revenue and climbing.

The ideal Crunch franchisee is a person that wants to work for themselves, but not by themselves. At Crunch, the focus is on a smaller community of franchisees who develop multiple gyms. That way, the brand can ensure they receive consistent support and access to the Crunch team whenever and wherever they may need it. Crunch knows there are many ways you can invest your money, but none have the potential to be as rewarding or as fun as owning your own Crunch gym franchise.

Crunch is widely considered to be one of the most innovative and exciting brands in the fitness space. And the Crunch franchise business represents the most progressive and competitive fitness model in the industry, one created by a management team that literally helped build the industry from the ground up.

Outmuscling the competition

What makes Crunch stand out primarily is the fact that it is the original ‘no limits’ gym. What does that mean? No limits mean room for everyone, regardless of your shape, size, age, race, gender, or fitness level. No matter your workout of choice, Crunch wants you to feel good while you reach your goals.

The brand’s gyms boast state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment. Depending on membership type, you’ll also get to try out its epic classes. Not to mention, Crunch has the best personal trainers in the sphere at an affordable rate.

As Crunch’s mission statement highlights, Crunch members are nurturers who always keep open minds. There are no limits here – no ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’, no glares of disapproval. The brand’s number one goal is to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type, no one reason and no one way. Instead, Crunch is a diverse community that encourages a culture of fun and there is always room for everyone – for all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to reach them with Crunch.

At a glance Crunch Fitness Canada

Year established: 1989
Number of franchised outlets: 420+ globally with over 30 in Canada
Location of units: U.S., Canada, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico
Investment range: $285,500-$2,402,500
Minimum required capital: $2,000,000 (net worth) with $500,000 liquid capital

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