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On-site supply and fitting service for damaged or perished commercial fridge and freezer door seals is created a successful franchise for FiltaSeal

On-site supply and fitting service for damaged or perished commercial fridge and freezer door seals is created a successful franchise for FiltaSeal

FiltaSeal provides an on-site supply and fitting service for any damaged or perished commercial fridge and freezer door seals. A split or damaged door seal is a potential reservoir for food pathogens and will need to be replaced to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

On top of this, a damaged refrigeration seal also makes equipment use up to three times more energy, meaning that replacing a damaged door seal can often pay for itself.

Uniquely, the FiltaSeal service enables the refrigeration door seals to be manufactured by an engineer on a first fix basis on site utilising their mobile workshop which is built into a medium wheelbase / high roof van.

Each mobile workshop carries an extensive range of seal profiles and with the exclusive use of our patented technology a trained technician will be able to replace 99% of refrigeration door seals.

Our unique service ensures the seal is correctly fitted in the one call out, meaning there is no lead time wasted between surveying the problem and producing the new door seal.

Prior to the FiltaSeal service being available this would have been a costly issue causing disruption to the kitchen with a refrigeration engineer requiring at least two visits.

The first visit would be to diagnose and measure the seal, then the seal would have been ordered with the engineer again returning on a second visit to fit the seal, therefore accumulating two call-out charges plus the cost and carriage of the seal, not to mention having to typically wait about six weeks for the seal to arrive, wasting energy and money.

The service was first introduced to commercial kitchens across the UK in early 2010 where it was welcomed with open arms by restauranteurs, head chefs, maintenance managers and refrigeration engineers, who often find replacing refrigeration door seals a challenge.

Since its launch, the service has continued to expand domestically under a corporate operation from one van centrally positioned in the UK to more than sixteen vans providing nationwide coverage.

During this time, Filta has gone on to work with some of the biggest names in the catering industry such as: Mitchells & Butlers, McDonald’s, Greene King and Tesco’s just to name a few.

The average lifespan of a door seal within a commercial kitchen is 6-18 months which has enabled the business to set up monthly maintenance contract agreements due to the repeat nature of the business.

It is this corporate operation that you can replicate in your own market, similar to how other master license holders have in Germany and the Netherlands.

“The birth of FiltaSeal in 2010 changed the way that commercial kitchens and supermarkets approached broken and damaged door seals, from being a complete headache for refrigeration engineers having to source the correct seal, when perhaps makes and models and serial numbers were not available, or models had been long discontinued creating extra costs for sites having to replace entire cabinets or doors.

“Life has become far easier for those that utilise the FiltaSeal service as most door seals are measured, manufactured on site and fitted in just 20 minutes. The engineer arrives at site not needing to know anything in advance about the fridges or freezers they will be repairing, they select the correct seal profile for each job, measure the seal needed and return to their mobile workshop to make the seal. Once made they return to the fridge or freezer and change the seal.

“Our records show that at each visit we will change on average three seals and a van typically carries out four to five jobs per day. We also understand that our service is a much more economical option for commercial premises and far more efficient for the operation of a busy kitchen or supermarket.

“Staff can be easily trained to use the FiltaSeal technology and the service is carried out by men and women across the UK and Europe.

“All equipment needed plus Seal Stocks and training are provided for Franchisees. Suitable vehicles and fit outs will also be needed but sourced locally” – Damian Slater, Franchise Manager.

We are currently seeking English speaking partners that have the ambition to succeed and share our vision of developing FiltaSeal. The master license holder or regional developer will have the right to operate the FiltaSeal business, under the Filta brand, in their local market. There is no need for any prior experience. However, good knowledge of the catering industry or commercial kitchens would be beneficial.

There are several options available for the Master license holder and to Regional Developers to structure the Filta business based on the market size and business culture.

These options include sub franchise, company owned operation and hybrid.

Sub Franchising: Where a master licence holder will have control of an entire country but will sub franchise to owners who have specific regions or territories. The master franchisee earns from territory sales and on-going royalty payments each month from their franchisees, they can also earn from consumables. This model works best where labour costs are high.

Company Owned Operation or Corporate Operation: Where the master franchise or regional developer will have their own vans and own employees, earning money from end user sales of the service and associated products. This model works best where labour costs are low.

Hybrid: This is a mixture of sub franchising and a corporate operation and normally works best in large geographical countries where control over staff could be hard, therefore running your own operation within your city and sub franchising further afield.

For more information, please contact Damian Slater, franchise manager tel: +44 (0) 1788 550100
email: or visit

Name: FiltaSeal
Established: 2010
Number: UK: 16 corporate vans, Germany: 1, Netherlands: 1
Location: United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands
Investment: From £50k (Regional Development)
Minimum required capital: 100k
Contact: Damian Slater , +44 (0) 1788 550100

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