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Friday 22nd October, 2021

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BURN BOOT CAMP – The fitness franchise with a difference

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BURN BOOT CAMP – The fitness franchise with a difference

Burn Boot Camp offers safe, comfortable environments for mothers seeking health and fitness, a USP that’s proven highly successfu

As the health and wellness sector continues to gain popularity, North Carolina-based fitness concept Burn Boot Camp is quickly becoming a prominent force in filling a large void in the fitness industry— providing a comfortable place for mothers and women to exercise and become healthy. Providing a fit community for moms and women, the boutique fitness concept creates an atmosphere where like-minded women can come together, build confidence and inspire one another through fitness. Well on its way to become one of the fastest growing franchises nationwide, Burn Boot Camp surpassed the $1 million threshold of system-wide revenue sales in September 2016 and projects $13 million for the upcoming year.

With the mission of providing a comfortable environment where women can work out and improve their lifestyles Burn Boot Camp strays from typical boutique concepts. Members are not required to register for camps in advance to reserve a spot, but rather enjoy flexibility in selecting camps that fit with their schedules. The fitness concept also provides a convenient environment for women, ensuring a worry-free workout; all sessions before 5 p.m. are only available to women, and childcare is available for mothers free of charge while they’re on-campus.

Each camp involves at 45-minute circuit style workout comprised of 72 different styles and 15 different formats, e.g. HIIT training, suspension training, etc. Burn Boot Camp has a very stringent recruiting program for trainers with every session led by a NCCA accredited certified personal trainer who creates new, innovative programs daily so attendees never do the same workout twice. Straying from competition by teaching clients more than just how to work out and eat healthy, Burn Boot Camp runs on the following five pillar philosophy to help clients achieve success:

  • Mindset – To change the body, you much first change the mind and adopt a proper mental state.
  • Nutrition – The decisions made in the kitchen play an important role in the results achieved.
  • Burst Training – The most effective way to burn body fat, burst training involves interval training with body weight only.
  • Strength Training – Building lean muscle mass allows the body to burn more calories at rest, shape the physique and ultimately keep unwanted fat off.
  • Positive Environment – A positive, encouraging and motivating environment is breeding ground for success and confidence.

Additionally, Burn Boot Camp developed an original supplement line with the help of scientists and nutritionists, After Burn, for clients to ensure they’re maximizing their workout and potential results.

The brand was founded in 2012 by high school sweethearts and husband and wife duo Devan and Morgan Kline, who both hold personal training certifications and currently lead the brand as CEO and CFO, respectively. Burn Boot Camp was born after the realization that they could help people by doing what they loved to do – work in fitness. Previously playing for the San Francisco Giants, Devan lived with host families helping him quickly realize how oblivious many American families were to health and nutrition. Following his tenure with the Giants he sought out a career in sales, only to immediately realize this was not the career path for him. He renewed his personal training certification and within three months created a women’s boot camp program that eventually matured into Burn Boot Camp. With no clients the first two days, Devan set out to promote his program and change his life – generating 800 clients in just one short year.

Existing markets

After realizing the potential for growth, the concept began franchising in February 2015. With 47 locations currently operating or in various stages of development, the brand has already awarded 214 franchises across 24 states and anticipates 1,000 locations by 2021. The brand’s development strategy focuses on partnering with entrepreneurs to further develop existing markets and break into new territories across the country. Key growth markets include Atlanta, Miami, Tampa and Texas, in addition to efforts to obtain a license to franchise internationally in Mexico and Canada.

Offering a viable franchise opportunity to be part of the booming $27 billion fitness industry, Burn Boot Camp is seeking aspiring entrepreneurs to augment the company’s exponential growth. A low-cost investment in the fitness industry, franchisees can expect an investment of approximately $120,000. Each facility has a retail center and online store selling equipment, supplements, etc. to provide a recession-proof business with multiple revenue streams. While potential franchisees are not required to hold a background in fitness, ideal prospects have a strong desire to own a business, as well as being passionate and committed to the company’s mission to help women transform globally.

Title: The Fitness Franchise Sweeping the Nation
Name of Franchise: Burn Boot Camp
Established: February 2015
Locations: 47
Awarded Locations: 189
Location of Units: United States
Investment Range: 60,000 – 110,000
Minimum Required Capital: 100,000
URL: www.burnbootcamp.com
Contact: Jolene@burnbootcamp.com

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