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Saturday 20th August, 2022

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Franchise watch: Driving global growth with Ziebart


Franchise watch: Driving global growth with Ziebart

Be in the driving seat of your own ultimate car care business by bringing the world’s leading franchise to your country

Be in the driving seat of your own ultimate car care business by bringing the world’s leading franchise to your country.

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Ziebart International Corporation is the worldwide leader in vehicle appearance and protection services. Since 1959, it has served vehicle owners with essential products and services to meet an ever-growing need, protecting their valuable investment. Today, the Ziebart franchise has grown to a network of 400 locations in 29 countries, and this dynamic expansion continues.

Ziebart’s inside-out appearance and protection services are developed to meet a wide variety of conditions and environments in which vehicles are used: From harsh wet or dry weathers, dusty roads, congested cities, to extensive daily vehicle usage, and more. Vehicles that undergo a Ziebart appearance protection service have increased longevity, retain the new vehicle feel longer and have a higher resale or trade in value when sold. Ziebart services are beneficial for new or pre-owned vehicles.

Ziebart provides a wide variety of services to a diverse number of potential customers including fleet owners and operators (including municipalities, the military, police, car rental companies), car dealerships, and even specialized vehicles such as private jets and yachts. The more dynamically this franchise is operated, the broader its reach and the greater the gains. At Ziebart, no job is too big or too tough!

Ziebart does not concentrate on providing one solution like a tire shop or an oil change business. Instead, the brand offers a complementary range of services for the vehicle owner that broaden the potential customer base and increase sales opportunities. For instance, when you apply Z-Gloss ceramic coating to your vehicle, why not disinfect its interior as well? Or when you install window tint on a vehicle, why not add windshield protection at the same time? It’s a wide menu that every customer can benefit from while benefiting franchisees as the upselling opportunities are vast. This is also one of the reasons why Ziebart is a highly profitable franchise with an average gross profit margin that can exceed 70 per cent.

Services at Ziebart are segmented into four groups, and most come with a warranty:

Appearance protection:

Ziebart’s proprietary products such as Ceramic Z-Gloss protect vehicles’ paint from acid rain, tree sap, mud, salt, and bird droppings, damaging UV rays, pollution and bug splatters. The Inner-Guard protection package is designed to maintain your vehicle’s interior, ensuring that it looks its best for years to come.


The company’s anti-bacterial detailing, disinfecting, and protection products also protect inside of the vehicles from stains and spills and help reduces fabric and leatherwear. Thus, providing a safe environment for every passenger and family member.

Protection films:

Ziebart is the world’s largest installer of automotive films offering the highest quality films in the market with the most competitive prices. All films are warrantied from Ziebart International Corporation to the master franchisee and are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Whether it’s heat reducing window tint, paint protection film for the whole vehicle, or its most at-risk areas such as the hood, bumpers and mirrors, color change wrap, or safety film, Ziebart offers it all.

Structural protection:

The brand’s Rust Protection prevents rust from ever starting. Exclusive sealants coat structural metal and resist road abrasion. Epoxy and urethane spray-on liners provide the highest level of protection for commercial vehicles.


The Ziebart franchise is a highly profitable business opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to start a new business, those with an existing automotive business such as new car dealers, accessory or service businesses who wish to add a cash-generating new division or those with existing businesses who wish to diversify into the automotive market with a low initial investment high margin franchise.

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to be a successful Ziebart franchisee, but you do have to be sales and success driven with a strong understanding of marketing.

Growth can be achieved through the Ziebart business model by maximizing every sales opportunity.

“The more dynamically this franchise is operated, the broader its reach and the greater the gains”

Ziebart’s exceptional franchise support provides everything you will need to successfully launch, grow, and sustain your franchise. Ziebart works directly with franchisees to help them succeed. The brand has a full support package for those that wish to sub-franchise within their territory to maximize profit opportunities.

This support includes full technical training, sales, and marketing guides, location advice, frequent site visits, a free website with local administrative content management and the latest point of sales system, which is designed to cater for multiple languages, stock control, CRM, CCTV integration, digital dashboards, and with bank-level security protocols.

It is a comprehensive support system that makes Ziebart an easy operation to set up, launch, and manage. Additionally, Ziebart’s international presence provides a great source of learning from other franchisees, including success stories, best practices, and trend highlights. Ziebart organizes yearly franchisee events and participates in major international trade shows.


In its quest to continue its expansion in international markets, Ziebart is seeking business-driven individuals or companies who are willing to become part of the successful Ziebart network, through a master franchise.

You can benefit from the brand’s proven, proprietary know-how, technical resources and sales systems that help you accelerate setting up your local Ziebart operation.

Ziebart’s 60 years of growth and numerous long-standing franchisees are testament to the franchise’s belief in healthy relationships with its franchisees and partners.

Together with the franchisor, you can build a highly profitable and prestigious business in your country.


• Profit from operating one or more Ziebart service centers

• Profit from selling sub franchises

• Profit from selling products to sub franchises

• Profit from royalty collected from sub franchises


Record of success: A proven business model that works well and produces successful results, and continues to evolve with time.

Turnkey business: All the necessities to run the business are at your fingertips.

Strong international brand: A strong brand name that conveys value and credibility in the minds of customers.

Purchasing power: Purchasing power You can take advantage of the company’s resources, saving you ti Rn products and services.

Risk avoidance: With our in-demand proprietary products, proven selling system, and world-class marketing and technical support, Ziebart will help you avoid much of the risk of starting a new business.


• Master license fee

• Royalty payments (once operational)

• Training in a Ziebart facility or at your premises

• Showroom décor as per corporate guidelines

• Startup order

• Advertising budget

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