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TRIB3 enters into the Metaverse


TRIB3 enters into the Metaverse

Fitness franchisor TRIB3 has launched in the sandbox in partnership with OliveX

Fitness franchisor, TRIB3, has announced that is has launched in the Sandbox in partnership with OliveX, the fitness metaverse company, to offers it classes and workouts in the metaverse. Users of the Sandbox will now be able to access TRIB3’s services over virtual reality. 

TRIB3 is a global player in the fitness industry, with locations in U.K., Spain and Finland and a further eight global territories. The brand’s workout system and classes are underpinned by its custom technology and studio design. 

“This is a landmark opportunity for our brand and our sector and we are proud to be first to be grabbing it with both hands,” said Kevin Yates, CEO of TRIB3. 

“This partnership will see us fuse the TRIB3 design and brand team’s talents with OliveX’s experience and vision, so I am confident that the TRIB3 experience in the fitness metaverse will be quite literally out of this world. Players of the Sandbox can still expect to see all the industrial luxe feel they have come to know and love from our brand but with some added extras. 

“We are ready for this; we’ve been ready for something like this for sometime. We sold our first franchise for bitcoin in 2021 and we are looking at new ways to innovate and revolutionize the sector we know and love.  We are traditionally untraditional and we can’t wait to open our virtual doors and show you our TRIB3 Sandbox store in 2022.”     

TRIB3 will work with OliveX over the next 18 months to launch the world’s first ever TRIB3 store and gym in the metaverse, with plans for it to return genuine revenue and ROI. 

“Kevin’s vision and his ability to recognise global trends and opportunities are second to none, which is why TRIB3 is the perfect brand for us to partner with and deliver this digital experience to the fitness metaverse community,” said Andy Hall, head of commercial of OliveX. 

“We are working with the TRIB3 team to bring to life – digitally, the stylised TRIB3 stores and to deliver NFTs and ultimately increased revenue for the brand. We are now building momentum with our partners and it’s great to be working with such an impressive portfolio. 

“Launching into the Fitness metaverse isn’t a PR stunt. It’s not a flash in the pan. We have the ability to drive serious revenue for our partner brands but we can also motivate more people to get active and change habits and behaviours into healthy outcomes. The metaverse opportunity is hugely exciting for brands which can recognise it.  

“TRIB3 has a genuine opportunity to reap the undeniable benefits the metaverse can deliver, which is largely down to the way in which Kevin and the team have developed the TRIB3 brand product to be so motivationally gamified.  

“From a customer’s very first workout, their photo goes on the wall and they are able to train and “work out” their way up the ranks; after 50 workouts a customer is a Warrior and 1,000 workouts – a Legend; this lends itself perfectly to gamification and tokenism synonymous with the metaverse. TRIB3 also offers other events and challenges, which can all be brought to life in the Fitness metaverse. TRIB3 has the ability to change the narrative for the global health and fitness sector – it’s hugely exciting.” 

OliveX and TRIB3 are working to launch the fitness metaverse in April 2022. 

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