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Thursday 8th June, 2023

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Huntington Learning Center appoints a new chief financial officer


Huntington Learning Center appoints a new chief financial officer

Bob Scopinich joins Huntington Learning Center to fill the shoes of former chief financial officer, Jim Emmerson

Huntington Learning Center has appointed a new chief financial officer, Bob Scopinich. This appointment comes after the retirement of the previous chief financial officer, Jim Emmerson who served the company for 24 years.

Scopinich will build on his predecessor’s work and continue to help franchisees and students to succeed.

“I am thrilled to welcome Bob Scopinich to the team. His unique experience working in the franchise industry, and specifically the franchise education space, qualifies him as the right fit to succeed Jim. The company is currently going through meaningful transformations on all fronts and I am confident that Bob will add value, innovation, and leadership to get results,” said Anne Huntington Sharma, president of Huntington Learning Center.

Scopinich comes to Huntington after 18 years of service as the chief financial officer at Goddard Systems Inc. Though Scopinich was involved in all facets of the business, he was deeply involved in information technology, unit growth, financial performance, and human resources. Scopinich’s tenure coincided with great expansion, growing from 110 to 550 franchised locations in this time.

“This is an exciting new chapter for me. I look forward to making a positive impact and fulfilling Huntington’s mission and vision. As a leader, I strive to create high-performing teams that seamlessly integrate their work across all stakeholders, from corporate staff to franchisees and vendors. I have always been results-driven, and Huntington is the industry leader. I believe this will be an exciting and successful journey for us,” said Scopinich.

Huntington Learning Center was founded in 1977 and currently operates a network of 300 company-owned and franchised learning centers across the United States.

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