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The Gold’s Gym franchise is in its best shape ever


The Gold’s Gym franchise is in its best shape ever

The long evolvement of Gold’s Gym has helped it become a cutting-edge fitness franchise for the 21st century

The long evolvement of Gold’s Gym has helped it become a cutting-edge fitness franchise for the 21st century

For the aspiring entrepreneurs and motivated investors of today’s modern age, there is one industry that is stronger than all others: the fitness industry. Before fitness became the $30 billion industry that it is today, Gold’s Gym has been helping people achieve their potential through fitness since the brand’s founding in 1965.

A name you can trust

Gold’s Gym has maintained its status as the world’s trusted fitness authority for generations and continues to differentiate itself through a strong focus on brand innovation. Today, Gold’s Gym has more than 700 locations serving three million members across 28 countries. And behind the operation of these locations are some of the most sophisticated and experienced franchise owners who chose to invest in the icon of the industry.

When Bryan Murphy of Houston, Texas, was considering the possibility of franchising with Gold’s Gym back in the early 2000s, he was doing so at a time when other fitness clubs in his area were closing. But as he looked further into the possibility of a Gold’s Gym development in his area, he found that lenders and landlords trusted that he could open a successful Gold’s Gym due to the iconic brand name.

“I was confident about going into debt for a globally recognized, credible name, even in a small community where fitness had never before been a priority to residents,” said Murphy. The risk was worth taking, as Murphy now owns and operates six successful Gold’s Gym locations in the Houston area and has been a leading franchisor for the brand for 15 years. Murphy also has development and expansion plans for an additional five locations in the future.

As Gold’s Gym has evolved throughout the years, they have embraced more franchise opportunities along the way and established an upwards trajectory of growth that continues to set records.

The new “Gold’s Gym Experience”

With the emergence of boutique-style fitness centers, Gold’s Gym elevated its own model to offer a broader variety of unique, high-quality fitness experiences and create deeper coaching relationships and engagement opportunities through programming.

New offerings made available by Gold’s Gym in recent years include:

GOLD’S STUDIO®, a coach-led, community-driven collection of enhanced group training programs giving members access to boutique-style classes like GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S BURN™ and GOLD’S CYCLE™, all under one roof.

BOOTCAMP large group training, featuring progressive coach-led full-body workouts geared toward all fitness levels.

GOLD’S 3D™ body scanning technology that accurately captures measurements in just 35 seconds, allowing members to find their starting point and track their progress more precisely with a 3D image and detailed information with each scan.

GOLD’S AMP™, the first digital personal training app from a brick-and-mortar gym that combines audio and video cardio and strength coaching from Gold’s Gym Experts with a custom music library to put the Gold’s Gym experience at your fingertips.

According to Brandon Bean, CEO of Gold’s Gym and the driving vision and forward-thinking force behind these recent innovations, “We are not just the first fitness brand but also the oldest and most iconic fitness brand in the world. We saw an opportunity to leverage our global footprint to differentiate ourselves in the ever-changing and growing fitness industry, and this started with the new ‘Gold’s Gym Experience.’ These changes have made Gold’s Gym appeal to an even wider audience of potential members, opening new doors for continued global growth.”

Innovation Leads to Growth

Through the remodeling of existing locations and the grand openings of new gyms across the world, the brand has showcased some serious business strength.

In 2018, Gold’s Gym made history by achieving more worldwide franchising growth in one year than ever before. The company awarded master franchise agreements with Turkey, and renewed master franchise agreements with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In addition, more than 59 gyms opened around the world. However, as with any fitness goals, records are made to be broken. And the road ahead is ripe with opportunity, especially considering Gold’s Gym’s position as a standout brand in the fitness industry, which was predicted by Entrepreneur magazine to be one of the top 10 most promising industries for franchising growth in 2019.

“There are more territories where Gold’s Gym can make its mark. There are more potential members in need of a fitness center that can meet all of their needs. And there is always room for more domestic and international expansion to bring the life-changing fitness opportunities that Gold’s Gym offers to more communities,” says Ken Phipps, Director of Global Franchise Development for Gold’s Gym.

Achieve Your Financial Potential with Gold’s Gym Franchising

If you are looking to become part of a legacy that will continue to grow and make history in the years to come, then you have found your match for your next investment.

Provided you have exceptional business acumen and experience and are enthusiastic about fitness, you may be an ideal fit to become a master franchisee for Gold’s Gym in your country. Potential candidates must have strong financial capability (net worth in excess of $1M).

Are you ready to begin your journey and transform your life? For more information about Gold’s Gym franchise opportunities, visit or call +1-214-296-5026.


Name of Franchise: Gold’s Gym
Established: 1965
Number of outlets: 706 [563 franchise / 143 corporate-owned]
Location of Units: India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Czech Republic, Armenia, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, Trinidad, Canada, Peru, Australia, UK, Mexico, Saipan, Netherlands, Turkey
Investment Range: $2.5M to $5M
Minimum Required Capital: $400,000+ liquid, $1M+ net worth
Contact: or +1-214-296-5026

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