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Monday 26th February, 2024

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Franchise watch: Bringing education up to code with Logiscool


Franchise watch: Bringing education up to code with Logiscool

Logiscool is fulfilling the global demand for e-skills in the face of COVID-19

Logiscool is fulfilling the global demand for e-skills in the face of COVID-19.

Founded in 2014, Logiscool became a significant worldwide educational franchise network in just six years. The number of Logiscool locations around the world was nearing 100, with new schools scheduled to be opened when the coronavirus crisis hit the world.

Hardly had the paint dried on the walls of the classrooms when schools had to switch to online education. With a smart strategy and quick action, Logiscool managed to turn the global challenges around and bring about positive changes at a network level.


At the beginning of 2020, tens of thousands of students studied computer coding in Logiscool’s classrooms around the world. However, not long after the start of the spring semester, every school had to switch to online teaching in just a few days. Thanks to the foreign partners, Logiscool’s Hungarian headquarters was well-informed on how the pandemic evolved, which helped them act upon the challenges.

Yet, the transition still required significant effort from the team. Logiscool’s methodology relies on experience-based teaching where a face-to-face education is vital. Finding the best way to keep the attention of children in the online space brought about new solutions and new collaborations.

“We worked on the new courses with our best teachers from every country, and we built on their experiences as well as the knowledge of our curriculum development team to provide the best conditions for online education,” said Dr. Anita Breuer, founder of Logiscool.


In times of crisis, reinventing and optimizing existing tools is essential. At Logiscool, the role of the online portal developed for students and trainers suddenly became crucial. This platform had been around for a while, but it was used for community building.

When the need for online teaching arose, Logiscool quickly managed to align itself to better suit this new requirement. “The fact that the new system could have been developed in a week was thanks to our franchise approach,” said Gyula Csitari, co-founder and strategy director. “We are used to creating every material in a form that is easy to multiply in every country while also providing consistent quality.”

The closure of primary and secondary schools, together with the economic situation caused by the pandemic, brought challenges for all. “The present situation had significant potentials, too,” added Dr. Anita Breuer. “We managed to provide online coding education to children who have never tried it before, thus helping them spend their time at home in a useful and fun way.”

To suit these needs, Logiscool launched a new product: Logiscool LIVE! beginners’ online courses, which started in April. “This was a giant step for us both on a Hungarian and an international level, as this way we could finally reach students living far away from Logiscool schools. We always take one step forward, and I believe that time will prove us right.”


As the demand for e-skills is growing in Europe and worldwide, digital literacy cannot be highlighted enough. Parents see the IT industry and coding education as a path for their children’s future success. Yet public education cannot keep up with these demands. In the U.S. alone, one million coders are missing. By fusing education with entertainment, Logiscool found the winning strategy to fulfill this gap in the market.

Education is the most booming sector in the world economy and its two-digit yearly growth foreshadows extremely positive prospects for the years to come. In addition to being the safest bet with high profitability, it also creates real value to society: it is an investment in the future generations.

The earlier we can give a taste of digitality to our kids, the higher chance they will transform from being passive consumers to active creators, ensuring a successful career in a digital world.


At Logiscool, children do what they like the most: spend time with computer games. But they don’t just play with them; they create their own games. And while learning the main principals of coding, they acquire the most important skills of the future: problem-solving, logical thinking, creativity, endurance, and more.

With its uniquely developed, proprietary education platform and scalable curriculum, Logiscool can adapt teaching to the age, knowledge level, and learning speed of students and thus maximize the level of satisfaction both for children and their parents. Offering classroom-based and online courses, camps, and other after-school programs in 20 different topics related to coding, robotics, and digital literacy for children aged six to 18, Logiscool has the most varied service portfolio in the coding education sector for children.

“With a smart strategy and quick action, Logiscool managed to turn the global challenges around and bring about positive changes at a network level”

To date, Logiscool is present in 15 countries with over 100 units and 70,000-plus total enrolled students, but growth doesn’t stop there. After signing agreements in mid-Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic in the middle of the crisis, Logiscool now invites new master partners. And the brand surely knows how to crack the code to success as one of its most successful partners, the Romanian master, managed to open 30 schools in her territory in just two years.

As Logiscool managed to keep its role as a global leader in the face of the pandemic, its franchise system proves to be recession-proof. Logiscool’s offer is a ready-made solution: its own classroom management system, proprietary education platform, and 800-plus hours of the uniquely developed curriculum ensure high lifetime value for each and every student.

The school and equipment design, the trainers’ portal and training, the full-spectrum curriculum, as well as the education and marketing support are all guaranteed. Logiscool places extra emphasis on continuous development, with innovations launched regularly.

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