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Tuesday 4th October, 2022

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Franchise watch: Be a part of the pest control revolution


Franchise watch: Be a part of the pest control revolution

Join Orkin, the go-to name in pest management services, and watch your franchise thrive

Join Orkin, the go-to name in pest management services, and watch your franchise thrive

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Orkin is the world leader in pest management services and currently operates over 500 company-owned branch offices and over 100 franchises in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. The Orkin brand is now represented in over 57 countries worldwide. Orkin is owned by parent company Rollins, Inc., which is the largest pest management company in the world with annual revenues of $1.7bn.

The multi-billion-dollar pest management service industry is growing and is being driven, in part, by the continual rise in global health standards and the ever more rigorous food safety standards. Pest management is on the front lines of helping to protect public health, property, and food supply. Commercial and residential customers alike are looking for pest-free environments in which to live and operate their businesses. Orkin delivers the high-quality services they expect and which are required for their business and living areas.

The brand’s approach to commercial pest management is based on science and its focus is on the food and beverage industry, the hospitality industry, healthcare, food retail, restaurants, retailing, and warehousing. Other business segments are also very interested in its services to help provide a pest-free environment.


Recurring revenues, essential services, low capital investment, and attractive profitability all make the Orkin franchise business a dynamic opportunity for your local marketplace. As an Orkin franchisee, you will receive the award-winning Orkin training, customized to your specific needs. You will also receive the Orkin franchise operations manual, technical manuals, training videos, customer scopes of service, sales and marketing materials, commercial pricing configurations, best practices, and much more. These proven methods and operating guidelines have helped make Orkin the global success it is today, and the leader in the pest management industry. You can also benefit from existing customer and supplier relations established by Orkin.

The Orkin global training center is located in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. This large facility replicates the various types of customers you may have and produces award-winning training for you to use live, or on video. The center includes a commercial kitchen, hotel room, hospital room, grocery store, warehouse, restaurant, bakery, and much more to ensure training is the most effective with your current and future employees. The center also produces live training that is broadcasted around the world to company-owned operations and global franchises, so they can all benefit from this unique facility and have the best-trained staff in their markets. In addition to North America, company-owned operations in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore also serve as additional support centers for global partners.

“This is an opportunity for you to bring world-class pest management services to your market”

In-country support visits, by Orkin’s technical services group and business development experts, help global franchisees with new sales growth and also service excellence. In addition, regional group franchise conferences are held on a regular basis throughout the world to share best practices, common customers, and to provide additional sales and technical training. The brand operates a continuous improvement philosophy. These group meetings, sponsored by Orkin, have been held in places such as Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, China, Panama, Mexico, and Costa Rica, to name a few.

The Orkin brand helps to attract the best customers in each market. They demand the high-quality services that Orkin provides. These customers value the knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and working partnership Orkin brings to them and their operations. Orkin protects brands from the harmful effects of pests.

Orkin is looking for business professionals to partner with the world leader, and one of the most recognized names in pest management, via the Orkin franchise program. This is an opportunity for you to bring world-class pest management services to your market. Current franchisees include individual business owners, partnerships, and large companies looking to add this lucrative service business to its business portfolio.

If you are already in the pest management business, Orkin also has a special program to convert your existing business to an Orkin franchise. This will enable you to operate under the Orkin brand and benefit from all of the value-added programs noted above.


The steps to owning an Orkin franchise begin with the franchise application and direct contact. This is then followed by the business plan and financial plan. This allows Orkin to best support your vision of the business. Once the paperwork is completed and the contract is signed, the brand schedules your initial franchise training (three weeks) and also schedules the in-country follow up training by one of its technical experts. Orkin will assist you from start to finish!


Orkin’s franchisee in Costa Rica, Luis Elizondo, said, “Our relationship with Orkin has allowed us to benefit from the company’s vast technical expertise and other resources to earn our customers’ confidence and loyalty. Our franchise partners at Orkin have always made themselves accessible to us and our clients … as an Orkin franchisee, you have access to the world’s best!”

With an operating network of hundreds of branch operations, Orkin has developed best practices and operating benchmarks for all to use to better run their business. Orkin’s franchisee in Ireland, Donal Butterly, said, “The pest management business operations analysis tools provided by Orkin helped me with my local business decisions and helped improve my overall growth and profitability.”


Established: 1901
Number of franchised outlets: Over 600 company-owned units and 200+ franchises (84 global Orkin franchises)
Location of units: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America and The Middle East
Investment range: $125,000 – $175,000
Minimum required capital: $125,000
Contact: Tom Luczynski, president – Orkin Global Development & Franchising. or +1-404-888-2360

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