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Existing franchisees are driving Fazoli’s growth 


Existing franchisees are driving Fazoli’s growth 

The Italian QSR brand plans to add ten locations to its system through existing franchisee growth

Fazoli’s has registered significant growth plans, and all with existing franchisees who’ve signed further agreements to build on their success. Under the new deals, the brand will develop ten new locations in Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina and South Dakota. 

“While Fazoli’s continues to attract the attention of prospective franchisees, we’re also providing our existing operators with world-class support and a solid plan that is delivering on results,” said Carl Howard, CEO of Fazoli’s. 

“Our franchisees are family and we continue to create new opportunities to help them thrive in their markets by driving sales and traffic. We’re seeing excitement from our current franchisees about the future of the brand, and we believe Fazoli’s has significant growth potential for 2022 and beyond.” 

Fazoli’s is on the path to double its growth in 2022 compared to 2021. The QSR brand has plans to open 20 locations in 2022 and sign up 40 new franchisees. The brand is also developing double drive-thru locations, new smaller footprint models, virtual kitchens and much more to attract franchisees. 

The brand has seen strong growth from its conversion franchise conversion incentive program, which accounted for half of all openings in 2021. Fazoli’s has reduced the length of franchisees’ commitment to five years from 15, with zero royalty and franchise fees for the first year.  

Fazoli’s was acquired by FAT Brands in November 2021, read more here 

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