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Global Franchise Awards 2023: The Hall Of Fame Inductee 2023


Global Franchise Awards 2023: The Hall Of Fame Inductee 2023

Inductees will have influenced the past, present and future of franchising and our winner is someone whose name is synonymous with the franchising industry

Originally from Iran, Farrah Rose has been involved in international franchise management since 1984. As a multi-award-winning franchise consultant and director of international franchise development at The Franchising Centre, Farrah helps brands master their international expansion. Having worked with more than 300 of the world’s top franchise brands, Farrah’s contribution to the industry was recognized with our Hall of Fame Inductee 2023 Award.

How do you feel after winning the Hall of Fame Award?

FR: Absolutely incredible! I would genuinely say that this has been one of the most incredible moments of my life. And my career. It’s taken a long, long time to get here. It’s been full of ups and downs. I’ve seen so many different companies coming into franchising, so many success stories, so many graveyard stories, but I’m so delighted to be part of what I believe to be an industry that’s experiencing a consistent level of growth.

You have been involved in international franchise management since 1984. What’s the biggest charm of franchising for you?

FR: I think the most incredible thing about franchising is the scale of growth. When I first started to get involved with franchising, there were only really a handful of advisors, mainly lawyers who knew very much about what was going on in the world of franchising. But when we look at the scale of franchising now, the contribution that franchising makes to the GDP right across the world, the number of franchise experts, the number of franchisors and franchisees, we will realize how this particular method of growth and development has actually taken over, and how significant the contribution of franchising is to the health and the growth of various companies. It’s been an incredible journey over the course of the last 40 years!

What do you consider your proudest achievement?

FR: The proudest achievement, I always say, has been my two kids. I really do love them and I’m very proud of them. But when it comes to franchising, I think the most amazing achievement for me has been to actually make a difference. We, as franchise consultants, carry a very, very strong degree of responsibility and accountability to the kind of advice that we give to our franchise clients. And I think some of the consultants who have come on board have been absolutely incredible.

The way that franchising has grown has been incredible. The role that the British Franchise Association has played has been amazing. I would like to single one particular person within the British Franchise Association, Pip Wilkins, who has played an enormously significant part in emphasizing the role of women in franchising.

What is the biggest challenge women in business face today?

FR: The biggest challenge for women in business these days is actually ourselves. I think women in business need to get out of their own way. We need to actually celebrate the God-given skills and talent that we have and celebrate what we are – very special, and not try to compete within a male environment.

But I think one of the biggest challenges is us trying to be something that perhaps we’re not. We have so many strengths, we have so many capabilities, and we need to celebrate that.

Women were being prejudiced against and I think we are very much equal now. And I think we do need to appreciate and celebrate the fact that we’ve got an equal opportunity and work with the skills that we have.

How can we encourage more women into franchising?

FR: We have made a significant difference in the growth of the franchising industry. I’m an example. As an Iranian who moved to the UK at a very young age, I would like to think that I contributed hugely to the franchising industry. In a very male-dominated industry, may I say, we don’t really need to single out women and men, we are already there.

What is the greatest piece of advice you live by?

FR: Don’t worry too much about the future. Don’t live in the past, enjoy the journey because life is full of so many ups and downs. If I was going to talk to my younger self, I would have enjoyed the journey a lot more, I probably would have worried a lot less. But hey, I’m still young at heart and I will still continue to enjoy the journey. And seriously, tonight has actually been one of the most memorable nights of my life. So I’d like to thank Global Franchise for the recognition that you have given me. I’m very humbled. Thank you!

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