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Thursday 8th June, 2023

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Insight Want to bring an American franchise to the UK?

And succeed. Ayla Karmali offers four important considerations to understand before you franchise an American brand

Insight Hot Properties: 20 Emerging Brands

What is an emerging brand? There are various definitions. In this selection, we have included 20 of those companies exhibiting at 2017’s MFV-run International Franchising Expo in New York who number their franchise locations at between around 500 and 1,000. Some of these names may seem too well-established to merit the term, but we have based their inclusion on the likelihood of further growth in the near future.

Insight Viewpoint: Walter Bond

Artful team-building is a business fundamental, says motivational speaker Walter Bond

Insight Now Is The Time To Create A Multicultural Brand

Building a successful franchise business in any country is an impressive accomplishment. Seamlessly introducing the brand into new international markets and cultures, however, is a task that must begin long before you land your first international franchise deal.

Insight Viewpoint: Dina Dwyer Owens

Co-chair of Dwyer Group, Dina Dwyer Owens has over 30 years of franchise industry experience and has twice been featured on TV’s Undercover Boss. She talks here about keeping your values front and center

Insight A Change of Channel

In a changing retail world, franchisees should consider an integrated, omni-channel model, says Eyal Levy

Insight Must-Ask Questions for an Expanding Brand

Asking these essential questions which will help smooth your road to expansion, says Brian Duckett, Chairman of the U.K.’s The Franchising Centre

Insight PR: An Insider’s Take

Strong marketing and a solid PR campaign can be essential to a brand’s success. Global Franchise talks to Mike Misetic, managing partner of Franchise Elevator PR