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Need some advice, motivation or feel stuck in your career? Consider this your monthly pick-me-up dose of business inspiration

The influencer we follow for entrepreneurial inspiration

Grace Beverley

At only 25, Grace Beverley is the CEO and founder of two successful companies. She launched her businesses whilst studying at the University of Oxford after garnering a large fanbase through her fitness YouTube channel and Instagram profile.

Her sustainable activewear and fashion brand, Tala, sells clothing made from recycled, upcycled and natural fabrics. The company’s ethos is to encourage people to move away from fast fashion and to make accessible and inclusive clothing that has been sustainably sourced without the hefty price tag. The brand raised 5.7 million dollars earlier in 2022 to expand further.

Grace also established Shreddy, a health and fitness app with an online store selling fitness supplements and equipment. She made it onto Forbes 30 under 30 list, and today she continues to run her businesses whilst also hosting her podcast Working Hard, Hardly Working which explores the behind-the-scenes reality of the business world.


The podcast we tune into for strategic business advice

Masters of scale

The Masters of Scale podcast provides business advice from Silicon Valley and beyond. Business moguls and CEOs explain how to survive the highs and lows of entrepreneurism, sharing the strategies that enabled them to grow into global brands. The podcast releases biweekly episodes that cover a range of business topics. Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn and Silicon Valley investor, hosts the classic formatted episodes on which he invites guests to share how they scaled their businesses. He explores themes of strategy, management and fundraising, delving into the reasons why certain businesses grow and thrive. Bob Safian, past editor-in-chief of Fast Company, hosts the Rapid Response episodes on which he and his guests provide advice on real-time changes in the business world. These episodes look at how to tackle crises and how to rebuild and diversify to meet changing demands.

Must-listen episode: Episode 123 – Build the right incentives

The podcast we listen to for insider information

The Franchise Story Podcast

The Franchise Story Podcast is all about sharing information with fellow franchisees as well as those interested in getting started in the franchise industry.

Hosts Erik VanHorn and Brian Holmes are both multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees with over 20 years of business in the franchising industry. Erik has owned six brands in eight states, and over the course of 12 years, Brian has owned 27 franchise locations, so the pair is well-equipped to provide stories and lessons about how to set up a business.

There are 100 episodes to choose from, with a diverse variety of topics and lessons to listen to from success to sustainability. The podcast hosts franchise and founder guests who also share their valuable insight on how to create a business that provides you with freedom, income and control, which aren’t easily found when working for others in the corporate world.

Must-listen episode: Episode 82 – Choosing the Entrepreneurial Path at a Young Age, with Kilwins Franchisee Ashley Clark


The book we read to assess the pros and cons of franchising

Franchising Your Business The Keys to Success by Len Rainford

Len Rainford has worked in the franchising business for over 30 years, and his book contains a wealth of information for prospective franchisors. He covers diverse topics such as the characteristics of a good franchisor, the responsibilities of a franchisor, what a franchisor can expect from his/her franchisees, including how to determine if franchising is a good way to grow a business.

Exploring both sides of the franchising world is important before making any business decision. This book explores the benefits of franchising and some of the challenges that arise when running a franchise. It is a comprehensive overview of everything one may need to know about turning a business into a franchise.

The book we read to learn how to achieve financial freedom

Secrets Of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies To Up Your Earnings And Change Your Life by Barbara Stanny

Barbara Stanny, financial therapist and wealth coach, aims to empower and teach women how to be successful in business. The number of women making six figures or more is ever increasing and it continues to rise at a rate faster than men. Women from all backgrounds, whether they are freelancers, entrepreneurs or part-time workers, are establishing their careers with financial success greater than ever before.

In her book, Barbara identifies the seven key strategies that female high earners apply to their own businesses. These strategies are based on extensive research and hundreds of interviews on more than 150 women whose earnings range from $100,000 to $7 million each year.

With this book, Barbara provides clear business strategies and the framework to help women climb the income ladder steadily.

The book we read to learn how to start a franchise

Hire Yourself: Control Your Own Destiny Through Franchise Ownership by Pete Gilfillan

This book combines Pete Gilfillan’s knowledge of the franchising industry with an energetic outlook to inspire entrepreneurs to consider franchising as a business strategy. It details each step of the process, from choosing a franchise concept to learning how to capitalize on investment and avoid common mistakes in order to maximize profits.

With franchising, someone has already had the big idea, figured out how to make it work, marketed it well and sold it to create a niche with an already established business model. This book is full of great advice and valuable insight on how to achieve the American dream of business ownership.

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