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Friday 1st July, 2022

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Shapes® provides an atmosphere to support and inspire women of all ages and fitness levels to live a happy and healthy life. It strives to make a difference throughout the community by changing women’s lives in a positive way.

Shapes® provides an atmosphere to support and inspire women of all ages and fitness levels to live a happy and healthy life. It strives to make a difference throughout the community by changing women’s lives in a positive way.

The Shapes Model offers franchisees the choice of being absentee, semi-absentee or owner operator. The Model is between 6000 square feet to 8000 square feet, allowing for a great return on investment, while changing lives. We are passionate about helping women. We hope you are too.

Debbie Harris founded Shapes Fitness For Women Franchising on the idea that women want to exercise in facilities that were tailored to their needs. She recognized that the women’s-only fitness market was under-served and so she opened the original Shapes location with the most state-of-the-art equipment and programming. That philosophy has continued today – with the new boutique model offering the latest equipment, personal training, group and small group training classes.

The passion she shares in impacting women’s heath while providing members with both personalized and customized training programs is contagious. She has continued to build an organization that is focused on the needs of women, while creating an atmosphere that brings women in the community together in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere, encouraging them to live happy and healthy lifestyles.

Fitness industry

Debbie has been in the fitness industry for most of her adult life. Opening the first location in 1986, Shapes quickly became the go-to fitness center for women who wanted to exercise in a facility devoted to their unique needs. Shapes clubs have always been state-of-the-art, providing members with the best in the industry in terms of equipment, personal training, group fitness classes and small group training with a five star experience.

The original Shapes locations were much larger than today’s new-look model. Our boutique style has allowed us to really focus on the member’s experience. Shapes have built a system that is laser-focused on the needs of women and provides a place where they can feel comfortable and safe. Fitness is a $19 billion industry and women account for 52 per cent of club users. We can assure you that the women-only centers are very profitable! Shapes offers something that larger or multi-purpose facilities cannot. Shapes is a place where women can develop friendships, bonds and relationships with other women who share the same goals. A large percentage of women prefer training in the safety and comfort of a women’s only environment.

What makes Shapes unique is that our model has incorporated a club that provides a full array of programming and fitness options in an environment with a boutique feel. Boutique studios focus on groups, or specialize in one or two fitness areas. However, Shapes has a full line of selectorized equipment, 30-40 group training classes each week, small group training, personal training, free weight area and a supervised kids zone for the little ones.

Our marketing team handles all of the branding, promotions and social media. In addition, we provide you direct wholesale pricing on pro shop items for resale, printing, promotional products and staff shirts. We are often asked if experience in the fitness industry is a prerequisite to owning a Shapes® Fitness Club. It is not. However, having a passion for fitness, health and wellness is strongly recommended.

Our training forms the foundation for you to prosper! We will ensure that you are prepared to be an owner and operator of a Shapes® franchise, regardless if you are running the operation on a day-to-day basis. And, we help you train your managers and staff so that the business runs smoothly even when you’re not there! We have women, men, couples of all ages that are franchisees as well as employees.

Opening Training.

Our support team will be at your location and training will take place during the opening of your club. This training provides not only knowledge but hands-on guidance on how to engage in pre-sales, training staff, use the computer systems and manage customer issues.

Ongoing Training.

After you open, we provide mandatory and optional training programs, meetings and an annual convention to keep you and your staff on the cutting edge of women’s fitness. We also help train and guide you on the best ongoing practices for marketing, customer relations, personnel development, operations, maintenance and support of your business. With the training we provide, you will have the skills and confidence to succeed!

Online Training.

We have online training videos and other tools you and your staff can access to provide additional ongoing training. We never stop thinking about how we can help you to be better!

Discovery Days

These allow for candidates to see what Shapes is really about in the live environment and they get moved emotionally and find that the culture of a Shapes is truly rewarding and the best part is the economics of what the FDD states on the premier locations makes most every candidate have a desire to become a part of the Shapes franchise growth.


Established: 2013
Number of franchised outlets: 35
Location of units: FL- 10 TX-8 CA-7 NY- 1 KY- 1 NC- 6 GA- 2
Investment range:$182 K-$325 K
Contact: DAVE SCHAEFERS 704)641-7328

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