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Saturday 24th February, 2024

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Helen Doron English transforms lemons into lemonade

North America

Helen Doron English transforms lemons into lemonade

Helen Doron Educational Group spent 2021 overcoming hurdles, leading to immersed technology in its education framework

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2021 was a year that changed the world, with priorities changing and constantly shifting dynamics for business owners far and wide. Throughout it all, Helen Doron Educational Group (HDEG), the global leader in children’s education, never stopped growing, creating, and innovating with new programs and apps.

Brand-new markets

One of the core milestones achieved by HDEG in 2021 was the launching of its 40th country: the United States. Partnering with Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) in Connecticut, the brand is now set to launch its first bilingual Helen Doron Academy in the U.S.

“We are excited that we, at last, found the ideal partner in the United States, as we share the same goals, values and visions for the children of the world,” says Helen Doron, founder and CEO of HDEG. “The ACES’ stated mission is dedicated to enhancing and transforming lives through education, innovation, and leadership. Helen Doron Educational Group and ACES will work hand-in-hand to fulfill that mission, bringing excellence in education to as many children as possible.”

“Helen has developed wonderful learning experiences for young children across the globe. We at ACES can’t wait to spread it in the United States,” said Tom Danehy, executive director, ACES.

The Helen Doron Academy serves children from six months through elementary school, and students will benefit from a bilingual Spanish-English education as well as stimulating, enriching activities.

“As with all of HDEG’s opportunities, the Helen Doron Academy is built on an appreciation for lifelong learning”

As with all of HDEG’s opportunities, the Helen Doron Academy is built on an appreciation for lifelong learning, helping each child to achieve their full potential through a unique curriculum that has been crafted to bring children a fantastic, multisensory education.

Helen Doron in every home

As well as its international growth, 2021 was a year of technological developments for HDEG. The first of these was the Helen Doron TV (HDTV) app, which provides pedagogic enrichment for parents, babies, children, and teens – right in the comfort of their own homes via any smart TV.

Constantly evolving and improving, HDTV creates opportunities for viewers to visit the service by demand and consistently receive educational and enjoyable lessons and services.

HDTV acts as a brand awareness tool, also, allowing HDEG’s various concepts to reach every household in the world for free, to gain the attention of potential parents of students. Helen Doron is a pioneer in this regard, with HDTV being the first app of its kind available to the public.

“All of the exclusive and innovative course animations we developed for babies, children and teens are now available to everyone, allowing children everywhere to learn from the value-laden stories full of exciting characters,” says Doron. “We are also featuring a variety of helpful and supportive videos to help parents who are interested in raising healthy, bilingual children.”

Connecting through technology

Launching January 2022, Helen Doron Connect is an invaluable example of HDEG’s commitment to technology, which takes the proven Helen Doron methodology and presents it online, to as many students as possible. A separate business built on the Helen Doron IP, Helen Doron Connect is utilized by the group’s master franchisees and franchisees to increase their revenue as affiliates, by sending student referrals.

Helen Doron Connect includes teaching objectives and achieves them through interactive games, as well as movement and songs to maximize children’s natural love of learning and ability to easily absorb languages.

“Helen Doron Educational Group and ACES will work hand-in-hand to fulfil the mission of bringing excellence in education to as many children as possible”

Online lessons taught through Helen Doron Connect are comprised of small groups of students – between four to six at a time – from around the world; allowing for plenty of practice in speaking English and opening students’ eyes to different countries and cultures.

Creating a buzz in education

Last but certainly not least, HDEG used 2021 as an opportunity to enhance its service offering to teenagers with the launch of its TeenBuzz Radio Community. This came about after many of the franchise’s teen students requested a platform where they could communicate and interact with each other online – something that HDEG agreed was an excellent idea.

As a result, TeenBuzz’s online community provides a safe, monitored environment for teens to speak with other members of the community, giving teens and their parents real value.

At the same time, the established TeenBuzz radio station keeps students entertained with brand-new, all-English content including TeenBuzz Radio LIVE streaming.

This online community is hosted on Discord, a rapidly growing and widely used platform by teens where members share and interact with one another. It’s yet another shining example of how Helen Doron’s network of franchisees and education professionals are helping students to learn about each other, and continue to improve their English skills. And as we move into 2022, it lays the groundwork for even further growth and development from this industry-leading educational brand.

At a Glance

Year established: 1985
Number of franchised outlets: Over 1,100 Locations of units: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, U.S., Vietnam
Investment range: €100,000 – €300,000
Minimum required capital: €200,000
Contact: info@helendorongroup.com

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