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Monday 4th March, 2024

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Harness the emotional power of video with FranchiseFilming

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Harness the emotional power of video with FranchiseFilming

Video marketing is woefully underutilized by franchise brands. The use of real, raw and honest testimonials can hugely drive leads and customer engagement

Video marketing is a hugely neglected area for most franchise brands. Those who do engage in it, rarely produce the real and honest content needed to engage potential franchisees and customers into a brand. FranchiseFilming is the only company that can provide a franchise brand with a dependable and effective, year-round video production service.

What makes them different? Zero travel fees charged, all logistics handled, and 10-day video turnarounds. With video driving 80 per cent more leads when on a landing page, it’s a no-brainer for franchise brands to use video in their sales cycle.

“Since I began my first filming company converting VHS to DVD’s at 13 years old, I’ve always been in love with story and filming real, authentic and humanizing moments,” said Trevor Rappleye, CEO of FranchiseFilming.

“I’ve never had another job and I just approach video production in a different way: How can we tell the most emotional and happy story we can? Prospects are drawn to success, because they want it themselves – show it!” said Rappleye.

“I remember walking the floor at IFA 2019 and I was just like, why does nobody have video? And more importantly, if they had video, why is it so bad? Why is everybody using obvious stock footage of corporate people around a table?”

It’s not just the content that’s the issue either; consistency, costs and delayed delivery of content is common in the video production field.

Without professional, holistic and experienced video production partners, brands will fail to put their best foot forward, and as a result, could alienate potential customers and franchisees.

One of FranchiseFilming’s clients, Batteries Plus Bulbs, noted a sharp increase in leads since using FranchiseFilming’s services.

“Our franchise leads have exploded since we started using FranchiseFilming and our time to close was cut in half based on the content we provide to candidates at every step of the process,” said Jon Sica, chief development officer of Batteries Plus Bulbs.

The power of the video format

Attention spans are always changing, and while people once would read through an entire brochure to get a sense of a brand, virtually nobody will do this today. Nowadays, people expect a short and inspiring video that tells them all they need to know.

“I’m a big fan of letting people know that nobody is reading your 20-page white paper.

They’re skimming it, but that’s all,” said Rappleye.

“The reason why video works so well is because someone can imagine what their life could be like. They can’t do that if you send them a stat, or a written testimonial, or a fake stock photo of a family in front of a yard.”

According to Hubspot, 90 per cent of prospects say that watching a testimonial video of a happy customer helped them choose that company and 52 per cent of buyers expect video in the sales cycle. The same research also showed that 96 per cent of consumers increased their online video consumption in 2020, and 90 per cent of those viewers said that they wanted to see more videos from brands and businesses.

“You need to create content with people that already love your brand, because no one really cares what you think about yourself.

How can you get someone else to talk well about you?” said Rappleye.

“And that’s what takes time, resources and logistics. That’s why most franchisors just don’t do it or they get a talking head under bad light at their yearly event and that just doesn’t cut it either.”

Harvard says that 95 per cent of people buy based on feelings, not facts. Brands are more likely to make a sale or convert a lead if it establishes some sort of emotional connection with its target audience. And what better way than to tell an unscripted success story of a franchisee or customer?

Sound logistics and planning are key

Currently, many franchisors have disjointed systems which involve using different videographers in different states, which results in an expensive video marketing spend, which often isn’t of the highest quality and is often delivered late.

FranchiseFilming’s VIP system allows for brands to book for the entire year.

“In 2020, we launched a VIP subscription model. Franchisors prebook for the year [a certain amount of filming days and videos that they want at a discounted rate], saving the brand a ton of time, resources and money,” said Rappleye.

“We allow a franchisor to get content of their franchisees and customers nationally, so they really capture the various stories within their brand, with zero hassle on their end. Just tell us where to go and we schedule, film and edit it all.”

This allows the video marketing firm to plan ahead in terms of who to hire, where and when. The other issue of not using a single partner, is consistency, or a lack thereof.

“Consistency is huge. Brands hire random video guys around the nation and it all doesn’t look like the same. That can’t be a scalable model,” said Rappleye.

The model asks very little of franchisors and franchisees, who are only expected to give up very little of their time for the videos.

“That’s why franchisors and suppliers love to use us – it’s because we handle all the logistics and the scheduling,” said Rappleye.

“They tell us to film in Michigan. We’ll get it scheduled and edit the video. All we ask from franchisors is an hour a month to hop on a monthly call.”

Video marketing is the P4P champion

Video is becoming a necessity; it’s no longer a nice-to-have.

This is why FranchiseFilming exists; a turnkey video production solution that can do everything from start to finish. Consistency, quality and dependable delivery rates are something many video providers have yet to nail down, but Franchise Filming has done so with a proven track record.

“Two books that changed our business: Focus by Al Weis and Simplify by Richard Koch. They basically say focus on one thing, do it well, and simplify your model so there is transparent pricing – no hidden fees,” said Rappleye. “This is where FranchiseFilming’s VIP membership model came to be. If you want inspiring videos, that’s all we create.”

At a Glance FranchiseFilming

Year established: 2018
Cost: $15,000 – $150,000 annually for monthly videos
Contact: hello@franchisefilming.com, 888-389-3456 FranchiseFilming.com

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