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Meito is leading the booming bubble tea industry


Meito is leading the booming bubble tea industry

From a single treat to a way of life, MEITO is spearheading the bubble tea boom

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MEITO has reinvented bubble tea from a single treat into a way of life and seriously cool social experience, with its MEITO Café & Eatery Concept. With its commitment to sustainability, through the use of natural, repurposed materials and locally sourced ingredients, MEITO works with franchise partners that share its values of fun, fairness, and quality.

The German MEITO Café & Eatery Concept, based on its secret recipe for its famous signature bubble tea, is now an international franchise committed to social, sustainable F&B experiences. Spreading smiles across the Middle East, and welcoming people aged zero and up.

Models to suit every market

Now operating for over a decade, MEITO has honed its bubble tea franchise models to a fine edge; allowing the brand to remain popular and competitive as the bubble tea phenomenon has grown.

All of this experience has led MEITO to design four franchise models to suit a variety of markets:

• MEITO´s DOUBLE DECKER takes a favorite European Icon, and adapts it to the love of eating out and roving spirit serving its famous signature bubble tea along with brain fuel favorites: Coffee specialties; cold and frozen coffee; tea; fresh juices; burgers; sandwiches; pasta and sweets

• MEITO´s EXPRESS version is the perfect grab-and-go concept for college campuses, airports, shopping malls, downtown and suburban locations, and hotels. Serving its famous signature drinks with a wide range of ready-made sandwiches, salads, and sweets, in addition to freshly made smoothie bowls

• Feel good with friends – fun-infused drink experiences, quality, yummy bites and bubbling company. MEITO´s EATERY are sociable and sustainable, lovingly created with the warmth of a summer´s day, using natural reclaimed and repurposed materials. A place for the entire family to enjoy

• Watch out for and spot MEITO´s Mobile at various events moving around the city and country, bringing its famous signature bubble tea near you! In addition, it serves coffee specialties along with cold and frozen coffees!

Across all of its models, MEITO offers more than 6.6 million different combinations, flavors and tastes of bubble tea, all in accordance with “The German Perfection”.

“MEITO has honed its bubble tea franchise models to a fine edge”

The brand has managed to reinvent bubble tea from a single treat to a way of life, and a seriously cool social experience.

MEITO is currently interested in speaking with master and multiunit franchisees to expand the brand worldwide, and single-unit locations are also available throughout the G.C.C.

At a Glance MEITO

Year established: 2011
Number of franchised outlets: 9
Location of units: Lebanon, Oman
Investment range: $80,000 – $250,000
Minimum required capital: $100,000

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