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Papa Johns ends all support for Russia-based franchisees 


Papa Johns ends all support for Russia-based franchisees 

The global pizza brand will suspend all corporate operations and are supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine

Global pizza franchisor, Papa Johns, has released a statement outlining its condemnation of aggression and violence, and as a result, will be suspending all operations in Russia.  

This means the brand will no longer support any of its Russia-based franchisees with operational, marketing or business support.  

Instead, it will commit to assisting those who are suffering as a result of the war with both financial contributions as well as dry goods and ingredients to help feed people displaced by the conflict. Papa Johns is partnered with the World Central Kitchen to help coordinate these efforts. 

The brand has suspended all support for its Russian franchisees, as well as the master franchisee who manages the stores and their supply chain across the country. Papa Johns does not own any corporate stores in Russia, nor is it receiving any royalties from franchised locations in Russia. 

This comes in line with many major international brands who have indefinitely ceased all operations in Russia, McDonald’s announced yesterday that it was pulling out of the country, but would still pay its Russian employees. 

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