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Monday 6th February, 2023

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Why You Should Invest In Snap Fitness

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Why You Should Invest In Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness has been on the cutting edge of fitness franchise development since launching in 2003. Approaches from would-be franchisees with a similar level of dynamism are welcomed

In one of the most competitive industries on Earth, Snap Fitness has continued to be a leader in the fitness world by evolving with trends and the needs of our members. Ever since our inception in 2003, our business model and fitness concept has continued to develop. Snap Fitness started as a turnkey 24-hour fitness solution, which at the time was brand new. Today, our clubs are still 24/7, but you’ll find robust fitness offerings, a supportive community, heart rate monitoring technology, and personal trainers. All in all, it’s a fitness experience focused on results. Peter Taunton founded the Chanhassen, MN based company with the goal of creating the world’s best fitness experience. He knew he wanted to make “Snap Fitness” brand a franchise concept from the very beginning, but with the idea that franchisees come first. Taunton believed in providing franchisees with the support they need to thrive and provide a results-driven, convenient, and innovative fitness experience for members.

“Unlike many boutique gyms or large fitness brands, Snap Fitness members have the option to get fit whenever it works with their schedule.”

Variety, convenience and results

Snap Fitness prides itself on offering variety when it comes to fitness – this includes functional fitness, cardio and strength training, group fitness classes, and personal training. Recently, the brand started focusing on providing members with daily intensity workouts that are available to members anytime, anywhere. Each club provides high-def TV screens that display GIFs of each movement on a timer, so members can complete the workout on their own schedule. Unlike many boutique gyms or large fitness brands, Snap Fitness members have the option to get fit whenever it works with their schedule. Convenience is our key differentiator. Our results-focused concept includes Myzone heart tracking devices to allow members to monitor their performance. Myzone technology is the most accurate heart rate monitoring in the industry, allowing members to see how hard they need to work in real time to burn fat, build muscle, and get fitter faster!

Franchisees first

Consumers are seeking opportunities to improve their health and wellness more than ever, making the fitness industry one of the most rewarding industries. Entrepreneurs that are passionate about health and wellness often become Snap Fitness franchisees, as well as people who have a background in business, personal training, and those who want to help people change their lives. The Snap Fitness franchise system is one of the most mature in the business and through our experience has developed an extremely robust training program for franchisees.

“Each owner makes the business their own per their personal strengths, which is what many of our owners find attractive about the brand.”

The first step in the training program is Snap University – a full week of training and education including operations, sales, personal training, marketing, and more. Additionally, from February through June, Snap Fitness travels around the country to offer continuous education opportunities for franchisees regarding the constantly-evolving fitness industry. A new program is created every year to keep our fitness experts and owners cutting-edge in the world of health and wellness. Snap Fitness also prides itself on the flexibility it provides to franchisees. Each owner makes the business their own per their personal strengths, which is what many of our owners find attractive about the brand.

Unparalleled business support

Snap Fitness’ viable team of experts conduct research to identify possible locations and market viability. The real estate team aids in site selection and lease negotiation. Once a location is selected, our in-house team of interior designers help develop a club design that is customized to the specific market and franchisee. The team works tirelessly to maximize the space while also making it look and feel like a boutique gym. While some members just recognize the Snap Fitness brand due to its industry reputation.

Snap Fitness also offers marketing assistance to be used at the discretion of the franchisee. This includes quarterly campaigns and assets, social media assistance, marketing webinars, and much more. For example, when heart rate technology was incorporated into the franchise system, franchisees were coached on how the belts worked, how to train with them, and how to utilize the belts to attract and retain members. They were also supplied with marketing collateral to promote heart rate training, so members could understand the benefits to achieve better results faster.

In addition to being provided with the tools needed to stay on trend and continue evolving, Snap Fitness includes franchisees in research and development, as well as listening to all new ideas that are brought to the table. Franchisees often test out concepts on their own – the company finds out what works and implements the best with the larger franchise system.

Expansion opportunity

Snap Fitness has over 2.000 locations open or currently in development around the world. Our franchisees have the opportunity to make their mark, change lives, and be a part of a globally recognized brand in one of the fastest growing industries. Being part of the Snap Fitness brand gives members the chance to reach their fitness goals while achieving your own business objectives. Moving forward, Snap Fitness will focus on opening more locations both domestically and internationally. Approximately 50 percent of franchisees own more than one location, but the company hopes to open more than 130 new locations in the coming year in brand new markets.

Name of franchise: Snap Fitness

Established: 2003

Number of franchised outlets: 1367

Location of units: 26 countries worldwide

Investment range: $149,771 – $462,800

Minimum required capital: $250,000

Website: www.snapfitness.com/fitness-franchise-opportunities

Contact: changelives@snapfitness.com

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