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International demand for Maple Bear Global Schools continues to grow

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International demand for Maple Bear Global Schools continues to grow

The brand started with one school in India 17 years ago, and now has 550 schools in over 30 countries around the world

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It was only 17 years ago that Maple Bear Global Schools opened its very first school in Indirapuram, India. Today, there are more than 550 schools in 30-plus countries around the globe, as Maple Bear Global Schools expands at a phenomenal pace. Remarkably, in 2021, despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic, new students entered their shiny brand-new hallways of Maple Bear schools in the countries of Peru, Guatemala, Oman, Serbia, Romania, and Ukraine.

The growth confirms that investment in Canadian education remains a sound, powerful venture, creating a positive impact on children, on their future, and on the future of their country.

The global demand for high-quality education is growing more and more as parents achieve the economic means to give their children a head start in life. The proof of this is evident at Maple Bear Global Schools.

Educators and entrepreneurs alike around the world are choosing to meet this demand by investing in a Maple Bear School for its world-class Canadian methodology and because of the international reputation of Canadian bilingual education. Maple Bear is uniquely experienced in offering an education with a global perspective, while still personalized to local government regulations and each community’s unique needs.

Meeting the educational demands of the 21st century

Parents are equally inspired to enrol their children in a school that provides a safe space where they will learn the skills to meet the needs of the 21st century, and where they are part of a global community.

“It is clear that the Maple Bear brand is now internationally recognized for its high-quality Canadian education and bilingual immersion program,” stated Maple Bear Global Schools founder and chairman, Rodney Briggs. “Maple Bear offers a unique, turnkey curriculum, which is constantly being refreshed by more than 250 Canadian faculty members who train and support Maple Bear teachers around the world to deliver it properly.”

“Maple Bear’s approach to education also has a long-term impact on the communities in which it operates,” stated Maple Bear Global Schools’ vice president of global marketing and communications, Michelle Tice. “Maple Bear is developing the next generation of leaders by teaching its students critical thinking skills and imbuing them with a strong sense of social justice and global citizenship.”

As the largest early childhood and kindergarten to grade 12 education brand in the world, Maple Bear has been able to establish itself as parents’ trusted choice for education for more than 45,000 students around the globe.

Maple Bear teaches personal responsibility in the classroom as part of its daily routine as well as global awareness outside of the classroom. Maple Bear parents support their children’s understanding that participating in the world at large is powerful. At the same time, all Maple Bear schools regularly celebrate local customs so that children embrace and appreciate their own cultures first and foremost.

Soft skills and character building are major components of the Maple Bear curriculum as much as the academic subjects are. More important than academic performance, to meet the challenges of the future, the world needs youth who are capable of both critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

The Maple Bear program also teaches tolerance and respect for one another from the early years. Accepting and embracing diversity is a key component to the success and growth of Maple Bear Global Schools. Leadership is a theme that is explicitly woven into the curriculum in the later years, and students are encouraged to engage in community service and social responsibility initiatives.

Innovative educational programming

In alignment with Earth Day 2022, Maple Bear Global Schools announced the launch of its new Global Connections for Sustainability Program. This education program is hosted on a unique, digital platform that brings the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life through global student education and collaboration between our schools.

The Global Connections for Sustainability Program (GCP) is an opportunity for Maple Bear students around the world to engage and learn together across borders and build their knowledge around global sustainability issues.

Through the GCP, Maple Bear seeks to connect students virtually around the world and facilitate exploration, discussion and collaboration centred around the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“Maple Bear is not only the gateway to Canada for our students, but it is also the gateway to the world,” said CEO of Maple Bear Global Schools, Arno Krug, “and our new Global Connections Program gives us this advantage.”

Ultimately, Maple Bear students will be making the UN sustainability goals a reality in their communities and sharing their research and results with their partner school on the other side of the globe.

This one-of-a-kind program will develop lifelong inquiry skills about topics that matter in our modern world while at the same time instilling a multicultural approach to collaboration and problem-solving.

In effect, Maple Bear students worldwide will set a new standard for what it means to be a global citizen. The sharing of ideas, innovation, and creativity, strengthens the business, the brand, our policies, and the quality of the education model.

Expansion plans for Maple Bear Global Schools

Maple Bear continues to dominate the international education sector as the fastest-growing education brand in the world. By 2022, the plan is to open schools in approximately ten new markets.

Development of schools will continue with regional owners and master franchisors to grow their schools in their respective countries and build on the existing presence in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Over the next five years, the focus will be expanding the footprint in the United States where there are currently only three schools.

Maple Bear Global Schools remains committed to growing the brand internationally. Ultimately, the goal is to be recognized as a world-leading private education brand with a proven franchise model for bilingualism and innovation, resulting in an increase in franchise partnerships to approximately 1,000 schools in 40 countries over the next five years.

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At a glance

Established: 2005
Number of franchised outlets: 550+
Location of units: 30+ countries
Investment range: $500,000 – $1m
Minimum required capital: $350,000

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