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Tuesday 21st March, 2023

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Studio Pilates International is coming to British shores


Studio Pilates International is coming to British shores

The Australian pilates brand has decided to expand into the U.K.

Studio Pilates International has announced its intentions to offer franchising opportunities in the U.K. from March 2022 onwards. Since opening its first franchise in 2014, the pilates brand now has 60 studios across four countries, Australia, New Zealand, China and The United States. 

Studio Pilates International was co-founded by husband-and-wife duo, Jade and Tanya Winter, an ex-Olympic swimmer and qualified physiotherapist. They saw a gap for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to pilates, and founded the Studio Pilates International brand. 

Jade and Tanya have taught over 55,000 classes and as a result, have been able to refine the requirements of an instructor. Every Studio Pilates International workout is led by a qualified instructor to ensure a safe workout for every client. 

The 40-minute workout makes strong use of audio-visual technology to augment the experience. Television screens play clips of the exercise being performed correctly with voiceover instructions. The studio is fitted with hardwood floors, a signature chandelier and beautifully crafted furniture that appeals to all clients. 

The brand is a turnkey business and as such, is seeing a strong return on investment (ROI) with nearly 50 per cent of franchisees owning more than one studio. Not a single Studio Pilates International studio has been shut as a result of the pressures of COVID-19, or those generally faced by the fitness industry. 

The brand provides significant support to franchisees in terms of training and operations. Financial assistance is available too, and the brand is willing to consider a 50 per cent joint venture for the pilot studio in which the brand will invest in alongside its chosen franchisee. 

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