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Regenerative medicine group KC Qinetix celebrates opening of 100 locations 


Regenerative medicine group KC Qinetix celebrates opening of 100 locations 

The medicine franchise brand has opened its 100th location in 15 months

KC Qinetix has announced the opening of its 100th location in 15 months in Mishawaka, Indiana. To mark the landmark opening, the brand’s executives and founders flew out to Mishawaka to celebrate the new location and the milestone. The new clinic is located at Edison Lakes Medical Center, 250 E Day Rd Suite 360, Mishawaka, IN 46545.

“We wanted them to know that this is something special, that they are a part of something special,” said Scott Hoots, chief operating officer for QC Kinetix.  

“I have been around a while, and I can tell you there aren’t many brands that have opened this many locations in such a short amount of time. It’s a testament to our franchisees’ belief and dedication to our mission of helping improve people’s lives by providing pain relief without surgery or prescription pills.” 

“We were speechless when company founders and the entire leadership team walked through our doors!” said Katherine Preston, QC Kinetix patient advocate in Mishawaka.  

“It was very flattering they took the time to fly out and support our opening. Actions speak louder than words and the whole team saw how committed QC Kinetix leaders are to our success. Plus, they brought cupcakes – it was a really great day!” 

The brand uses natural biological protocols to stimulate the body to repair damaged tissues and joints. It’s an alternative to surgery, NSAIDs, and pain pills that mask the pain but don’t repair the problem. 

“This is the direction medicine and patient care are going,” said Preston.  

“Surgery is traumatic with a longer recovery, and pain pills are addictive. The whole industry needs a modern way to treat pain and patients, and this is it. Opening day was busy all day and our schedule is full. People are so excited to have these treatments available to them.” 

Former Dallas Cowboy legend, Emmitt Smith is the official spokesperson for the brand, who recently spoke at MUFC2022, read more here. 

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