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Monday 26th February, 2024

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GF podcast: Dr. Ben Litalien of Franchise Well


GF podcast: Dr. Ben Litalien of Franchise Well

Ben explains why franchising is all about change management

Ben explains why franchising is all about change management.

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At the start of his career in franchising, Dr. Ben Litalien discovered that many franchise brands have “a bunch of dripping faucets”. That is, problems which aren’t hard to fix, but they’ve been left idle for so long that they’ve been allowed to develop into a flood of headaches for the brand.

The solution? Creating a franchise network that’s in the business of change management from the get-go. Whether a brand is huge with thousands of locations or just starting up with one mom-and-pop operation, nailing the fundamentals is key. Without those, you’re building an empire on unsteady ground.

To learn more about change management, sustainable growth, and why hiring generalists is your best bet in the early stages of franchising, we sat down with Ben to talk about his trajectory through the franchise industry – and the invaluable lessons he’s picked up along the way.

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