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Monday 6th February, 2023

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German hotdog brand Extrawurst to launch in the U.K.


German hotdog brand Extrawurst to launch in the U.K.

The first U.K. Extrawurst sites are scheduled to launch in Q4 2021

The first U.K. Extrawurst sites are scheduled to launch in Q4 2021.

Extrawurst, a German hotdog brand with more than 30 sites throughout its domestic market, has announced plans to soon launch across the U.K.

The U.K. development is being helmed by Sam Shutt, who has experience in building a brand as the former Debenhams head of retail hospitality operations, partnerships, and business development. As the brand’s U.K. master franchisee, Shutt plans to open hundreds of Extrawurst locations over the next three years.

“The U.K. FTG market is expected to recover from the pandemic at a faster rate than the total eating out market so there’s an opportunity for an innovative new offer on the high-street which delivers an exciting range of good value quality food,” said Shutt.

“As a nation we love sausages, they are the perfect food to eat on the go all through the day, whether as a breakfast snack or a lunchtime meal with a coffee. We are confident our menu will appeal to consumers and entice them to become Bratwurst enthusiasts.

“We will be rolling out our franchise model into 2022 which will be a compelling an affordable option for many with the potential to drive a great return.”

The first three Extrawurst stores are schuled to launch in Birmingham City Centre, Nottingham City Centre, and West Midlands Regional Shopping center in Q4 2021, with the franchisee roll-out taking place in 2022.

Three franchise models will be available to investors, including a Macro, Midi, and Micro option. Each is suited to a different kind of build-out, and will allow the brand to develop at a rapid, customisable pace.

“We are excited to launch our unique, premium and delicious Bratwurst food to go offer to the U.K. and as we are lucky to have a highly experienced U.K. partner we are confident that it will be a success,” said Christian Leding, managing partner at Extrawurst.

“We have over 40-years’ experience building Extrawurst into one of the top five Bratwurst street food concepts in Germany with a proven track record of creating successful franchise partnerships to deliver long-term success for our affiliate teams. We are looking forward to welcoming more franchisees into our business and celebrating success.”

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