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Monday 29th May, 2023

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Franchise watch: Scenthound is poised to be the leading dog grooming and wellness provider globally


Franchise watch: Scenthound is poised to be the leading dog grooming and wellness provider globally

As the first wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming franchise, it’s disrupting an outdated industry with a unique approach and a blue ocean strategy

As the first wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming franchise, it’s disrupting an outdated industry with a unique approach and a blue ocean strategy.

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Scenthound is revolutionizing the way pet parents keep their fur family clean and healthy. As the first wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming franchise, it’s disrupting an outdated industry with a unique approach and a blue ocean strategy.

As a recession-proof and Amazon-proof business in the $99bn pet industry in the U.S., Scenthound has continued to thrive even amidst the COVID-19 environment. The emerging brand presents an attractive opportunity for individuals with a passion for dogs to diversify their portfolio with a recession-proof franchise.

So, what is it about this first-of-its-kind pet franchise concept that has tails wagging?

Differentiated from traditional dog grooming that focuses on breed-specific styling, Scenthound provides a unique approach with its focus on routine and preventive care for dogs in five core areas: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails, and Teeth (SCENT). This allows Scenthound to capture the entire market of pet parents and their dogs, not just the 10 per cent of popular breeds who need haircuts.

The ultimate driving vision for this breakout franchise is to remove barriers so that people can love and connect with their dogs every day. A simple but powerful guiding light, and one that is getting a lot of attention from prospective franchisees and the entire pet industry.

“It’s scientifically proven that dogs make people happier and healthier. A clean, healthy dog gets more love and snuggles which is good for dogs and people alike,” says Scenthound CEO and founder Tim Vogel. “Our goal is to make the world just a little bit better by helping people practice love.”


After many years in the grooming business, Scenthound spotted a gaping hole in the industry and a massively under-served market. Most dogs weren’t getting proper care since there were a lot of misconceptions about grooming.

The industry was focused on breed-specific styling, even though the large majority of breeds don’t even need regular haircuts. As a result, the basic care and maintenance needed to keep dogs healthy were sorely lacking in most of the canine population. So, Scenthound set out to revolutionize the way people think about and access routine care for dogs.

Scenthound is a business model built on a proven customer retention framework that provides an opportunity for long-term profitability. With plans to expand its service offerings and retail solutions, coupled with a pet care industry that is forecasted to top $300bn globally by 2025, Scenthound’s model is positioned to be the #nextbigthing in franchising.

The Scenthound franchise model is a smart investment for several reasons:

Membership-driven: The Scenthound membership-based business model delivers recurring revenue and cultivates fierce customer loyalty. Dog parents choose a membership option that works for their budget and schedule to maintain their dog’s health and happiness. This customer retention framework provides a platform for profitable growth.

Focused on wellness: A recent survey showed that nearly 90 per cent of pet owners are willing to spend more than $100 a month on their pets and that most of them will pay whatever it takes to ensure their pets are happy and healthy. Following each visit, Scenthound provides every dog parent a six-point evaluation (called a “Scent Check”) that helps to keep them informed on their dog’s overall wellness. It is a combination of education and Scenthound’s genuine care for their customer’s dogs that results in consumer trust and a healthy partnership.

“Scentrally” located: Scenthound Scenters are conveniently located in errand-intensive, mixed-use retail areas close to busy big box stores and restaurants. Customers value the convenience of being able to combine errands and check to-dos off their list while their dogs are in Scenthound’s care. The average service time is under 30 minutes, which keeps customers shopping in the center while they wait for their dog. Franchisees benefit from high-traffic visibility, which results in significant business growth potential.

Scenthound’s business model is designed to provide dog parents with confidence that their dog’s routine care and basic grooming is handled by professionals. Dog parents choose a membership that works for their budget and schedule to keep their dog’s health on track. The membership-based model keeps dogs healthy and clean and fosters a community of committed dog parents that keep coming back.


Scenthound was founded with a simple vision – to help people connect with their pets by removing barriers to clean, healthy dogs. Its mission is to keep dogs clean and healthy in a safe, loving environment with a knowledgeable staff, and give all pups, and their parents, the best possible care. These ideals are ingrained in Scenthound’s DNA.

“No doubt that this company [Scenthound] is going to blow things up in the pet care and franchise industries… they’ve got it all figured out. It’s a magnificent model that’s punching all the right buttons. I’m a big fan!”

– Ed Rensi, retired CEO, McDonald’s USA

The story began in 2005 when Tim and Jessica Vogel started a mobile grooming business in South Florida. It quickly grew over the next few years, and in 2010, with hopes of serving more dogs in their community, they opened their first brick-and-mortar location.

Along the way, they discovered that most dogs weren’t getting the essential, consistent care they needed to stay clean, comfortable, and healthy. They recognized that a change in how people viewed basic dog care was needed. That’s when Scenthound was born.


The pet care industry is thriving. Research shows that the global pet care market is expected to grow to $359bn by 2027, a forecasted compound annual growth rate of six per cent. Additionally, during the last two major United States recessions in 2001 and 2008, pet spending actually grew by seven and five per cent, respectively.

In 2020, the global pandemic brought more dogs into homes than ever before. This market is primed for explosive growth and Scenthound is perfectly placed to effectively service this high-demand market with little competition.

Within the pet space, spending on dogs specifically dominates the market with recent reports showing it holds the largest market share at more than 40 per cent. This growth is due in large part to the rising rate of dog adoptions, the increasing humanization of pets, and the proven psychological and therapeutic benefits of dog ownership.

Consumer spending on pets has no indication of slowing down. It’s interesting to note that currently in the U.S., Generation X and millennials make up the vast majority of pet owners (more than 65 per cent).


Scenthound boasts industry-leading training and a fully immersive Scenthound brand experience for franchisees. “There are no lone wolves at Scenthound. We work as a team and collaborate with our franchisees on all aspects of their business to ensure smooth and successful operations,” says Scenthound franchise success manager, Justin Higgins.

“From day one, every franchisee is provided field-tested, proven systems and methodologies for success in their Scenters. We coach franchisees on how to deliver the outstanding service for which the Scenthound brand is known.”

Once a franchisee joins the Scenthound pack, they experience an intensive onboarding program to help familiarize them with the culture and demonstrate how to live out the vision, mission, and values. This includes Scenter visits and hands-on training to help master each step of the grooming and routine care process so that every dog that visits Scenthound gets the consistent and great care they deserve.

Beyond training, Scenthound franchisees receive ongoing support from Scenthound management and a dedicated corporate support team to ensure the day-to-day success of their business. Through expert guidance on employee relations, hitting benchmarks, managing vendor relationships, and daily operations, franchisees have all the tools needed to drive maximum business value for their Scenter.


Capitalizing on an exceptionally successful 2020, Scenthound plans to triple franchise sales and increase membership by 10 times in 2021. Sales are forecasted to hit 100 new units by year’s end. Poised to disrupt the pet industry in a big way, Scenthound is looking for entrepreneurs who want to come in on the ground level of the next big thing. Furthermore, expansion of the scalable, membership-based model uniquely positions Scenthound to diversify its service offerings and retail solutions, transitioning the brand into several new verticals of a nearly $225bn global industry.

With more than 48 locations in over seven states currently open, sold, and/or under development, Scenthound is well on its way to becoming a household name with dog owners. Scenthound is ideally positioned to attract both operators and larger multi-unit investors, and is actively seeking franchise partners to help expand the concept. With exclusive territories still available in key markets across the country, now is the time to join this pack. The momentum and growth potential for this exceptional brand is limitless.

Scenthound is committed to helping people practice love on a daily basis and will be nationwide by the end of this year. That means removing barriers to clean, healthy dogs so that thousands of pet parents can love and connect with their dogs every day. If you’re interested in joining their pack to bring Scenthound to your community, now is the time.


We are committed to removing barriers so dog parents can love and connect with their dog every day. To support this, we live and operate our Scenters by these guiding values:

Dog first: We advocate for the health and well-being of every dog in our care.
One pack: We are one company, one team, with one mission.
Bring love: We bring good energy to our work, and we do our job with loving intention.
Seek growth: We believe. We learn. We grow.
Make a difference: We work with purpose and are driven by a desire to make a positive impact.


Year established: 2015 (franchising since 2019)

Number of total units: 48

Locations of units: CO, FL, GA, NC, NJ, NV, SC

Investment range: $180,950 – $297,950

Minimum required capital: $75,000 (liquid capital)

Contact: Patti Rother, VP of franchise development,

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