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Wednesday 27th September, 2023

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Franchise watch: is disrupting this lucrative industry


Franchise watch: is disrupting this lucrative industry

A new and better way to buy and sell real estate

A new and better way to buy and sell real estate.

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Once upon a time, in a land called North America, there were real estate agents who earned large commissions from people who were buying and selling properties. It was a highly profitable (and monopolistic) era in which these agents lived. They earned billions of dollars in commissions every year.

One day, armed with a vision of something better and the power of technology, swooped in and designed a modern alternative to the traditional agent – one that streamlined the process and empowered buyers and sellers to connect directly. To make real estate transactions more efficient they cut out the expensive middleman – creating a flat fee no- commission approach that typically saved the customer 10 times more than if they used an agent.

If you think the idea of transforming the real estate industry sounds like a fairy tale, then you’re probably still using a travel agent to book your flights, hailing a taxi, or only staying in hotel rooms when you travel. Meanwhile, is growing rapidly thanks to its national franchise operators and the enthusiasm of tens of thousands of early adopters who have become raving fans.

“We believe the traditional real estate agent model has become obsolete and way too expensive for the average person,” says Ken LeBlanc, president and CEO of “We know how hard people work for their money. That’s why we are transforming every single piece of the puzzle – putting the needs of buyers and sellers above everything else. We do this because we know that when our customers win, we win too.”

Instead of charging commission like traditional agents do (often five to seven per cent of the final sale price), franchisees collect a flat fee for their services. That much lower fee is based strictly on the types of services that the seller selects, not the price of their home.

“We believe the traditional real estate agent model has become obsolete and way too expensive for the average person”

If imagining a world where the majority of real estate transactions happen without a full-service agent seems implausible to you, consider this: Less than 10 years ago, there were still people waiting in line at Blockbuster on Saturday night with DVDs and an over-sized bag of popcorn in hand.

Today, those iconic yellow and blue signs are only a memory. They gave up their market dominance to Netflix because they were unable to see the vast potential of a new way before it was too late. is taking advantage of the opportunity that has been opened up by technology and favorable regulatory real estate changes. This paradigm shift in real estate is simply a function of business model evolution. Much like how Apple reconfigured the music business by eliminating monolithic distribution channels that made record companies and artists rich, has been quietly doing the same thing for real estate, making the customer (buyers and sellers) the hub as opposed to just another spoke in the wheel.

“We’re on a mission to bring clarity to real estate through franchising and technology. We believe the transaction isn’t complicated when you break up each task and place it in the hands of the most capable professional,” said director of partnerships, Walter Melanson. “ uses a team approach instead of the ‘jack of all trades’ traditional agent model. That means our customers benefit from the best experts in the real estate field. From a franchisee perspective, that means we don’t have to be all things. We focus on our expertise and rely on a combination of people and technology for the rest.”

In the new real estate model, online engagement and connectivity put the seller at the core and in control. In addition to connecting customers with its online private sale platform, is thinking ahead to full platform integration, a move that may finally tilt the scales in favor of industry disruption.

“When your product or service is built around the customer, you can’t lose,” says LeBlanc. is currently looking for area representatives internationally, with only a few single-unit franchises still available in Canada.


As one of the fastest-growing franchise systems in Canadian history, is an exciting opportunity for investors south of the border looking to get involved at the forefront of the shift in the real estate industry. Its proven system and training programs ensure franchisees have all the tools needed to operate a successful business.

With a 20-year track record of growth and success, the company has established its staying power in the real estate industry, yet there is still work to be done to bring the brand across North America. The timing could not be better for new entrepreneurs to get involved with the brand as master franchisees or individual franchise owners from coast-to-coast in the U.S.

If you believe that the real estate industry can be transformed through lower fees (no commission), specialized service, and innovative technology, this opportunity is for you. Owners don’t need a real estate license, but they do need to believe in the power of innovation and the huge upside obtained by helping disrupt real estate forever.

“We are moving the real estate industry forward and giving buyers and sellers the freedom to successfully sell their property at a fraction of the cost of using an agent,” explains Melanson. “Just like our fellow disruptors who have changed the way we watch TV, get around town, and book vacations – it’s not only what people want, it’s also what they deserve.”


Established: 1998

Outlets: 85+

Locations: Canada, Texas, Florida, South Africa

Franchise fee: $25,000 – $75,000


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