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Sunday 5th February, 2023

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Franchise watch: Helen Doron Educational Group is creating a buzz in teen education


Franchise watch: Helen Doron Educational Group is creating a buzz in teen education

Since 2012, Helen Doron Educational Group has provided a comprehensive teen learning experience

Since 2012, Helen Doron Educational Group has provided a comprehensive teen learning experience.

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The Helen Doron Teen English programs were grown organically out of the original Early English courses, as while students learned English and grew up with Helen Doron from three months old, their pedagogic needs didn’t cease. Rather, those needs developed and extended, and with them, Helen Doron Educational Group evolved its program to keep up with the ever-changing and expanding marketplace.

Subsequently, the Teen English courses were created in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference, as well as the Cambridge English Assessments, and are developed by a team of pedagogic professionals and CEO and linguist Helen Doron, herself.


As a continuation of the unique and proven Helen Doron methodology, Teen English courses focus on communication, interaction, and age-appropriate subjects. They incorporate humanitarian values, involvement in projects, and the nurturing of leadership skills. All of this comes on top of the courses’ proven success when it comes to exams.

Seven Teen English courses built according to age and levels are available, each utilizing the proven Helen Doron Educational Group expertise to guide students on their learning journey while incorporating important values and life lessons. Additionally, all original pop songs from the courses are available on a dedicated YouTube channel.

• Age 8-14, Beginners level – Paul Ward Explores

• Age 9-15, Intermediate level – Paul Ward’s Adventures

• Common European Framework of Reference for A1 level vocabulary and grammar- Teen Talent

• B1 level course -Teen Choices

• B1+ level – Teen Express

• B2 level course – Teen Success

• WOW: A new teen course aimed at students ages 10 to 14, designed to fill the gap for students that are just starting out learning English at an older age.

16-year-old Caroline Laschkolnig from Austria reflects on her Helen Doron experience: “I was first enrolled into a Helen Doron English course when I was only a year old, and nothing else in my life has affected me and my future as much as this learning opportunity.

“Having been simply handed over a language without me ever having to actively learn it, was a real gift as I later on discovered. I never struggled in school and excelled in my English classes. English has also helped me connect with other teens all over the world – online or at a youth conference in the U.S.

“Only after having been exposed to the typical learning process at schools, I realized that English had been gifted to me – I had fun in the Helen Doron courses and was casually handed over an entire language and therefore an entire world.

“Another incredible opportunity presented itself to me when I was about 10: taking part in a TeenBuzz Radio show once a month to connect and inspire students like me all over the world. My confidence grew and I am very proud to be a broadcaster on a worldwide radio!”


A pioneering product within the teenage English-as-a-foreign language educational space, TeenBuzz Radio is an innovative Helen Doron Educational Group offering. The 24/7 all-English programming is targeted at helping young people the world over to improve their language through music, stories, quizzes, contests, several types of teen-focused news, special guest interviews on various topics, and more.

With all content geared towards teenagers, TeenBuzz Radio now attracts over 60,000 listeners a month from more than 200 diverse countries, with thousands listening daily and participating in engaging, interactive broadcasting.

“We started off with the Early English programs, and as soon as the teen courses were made available, we offered them to attract new students, as well as to organically retain our growing pool of students as they grew older. The franchise offers a unique selling point, and our business is growing and expanding, even now during challenging times, as we offer courses for ages three months all the way up to 19 years.”

– Marzena Lata, master franchisee for Lublin, Poland

Soon after its conception, the TeenBuzz Radio station quickly grew in popularity beyond the established Helen Doron Educational Group network, and it became apparent that the majority of the listenership was not yet students engrained in the Helen Doron network, nor from countries which had yet been franchised.

As a result, TeenBuzz Radio has evolved into a premium lead- generation vehicle for franchisees. The platform attracts new students and teachers and enhances the group’s franchise network by enticing potential franchisees who are excited about the tool as a pedagogic supplement.


The radio team travels to visit Helen Doron English Learning Centres all over the world and broadcasts live together with the students. This is a great opportunity for our franchisees to publicize the event in local and national media, and to invite non- Helen Doron students and local politicians and celebrities to take part; making it a huge event and bringing in new students.

The fact that Helen Doron students directly get involved with the programming and broadcasting showcases live testimonials of the effectiveness of the Helen Doron methodology. Additionally, ESL professors are known to use TeenBuzz Radio as a tool in universities, with the show’s quizzes and listening comprehension utilized to reinforce learning.


To supplement the TeenBuzz Radio experience, Helen Doron Educational Group recently upgraded its popular TeenBuzz app, which is available on both Google Play and the App Store. The app features many new pieces of content and useful features, including a live chat which encourages interaction amongst listeners, as it provides an opportunity for them to practice their written English as they communicate with the broadcasters and other listeners, competing to answer quiz questions and make song requests.

The TeenBuzz app contributes to the ongoing HELENDORON@ HOME solution, which has placed emphasis on remote education, ensuring that students are continuously supported and encouraged, no matter where they engage with the Helen Doron concept from.


Established: 1985

Number of franchised outlets: Over 1,100

Locations of units: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam

Investment range: €150,000 – €250,000

Minimum required capital: €200,000


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