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Franchise watch: Be Military Fit is sparking a global fitness revolution


Franchise watch: Be Military Fit is sparking a global fitness revolution

Be Military Fit is looking to build on its U.K. success, and expand internationally

Be Military Fit is looking to build on its U.K. success, and expand internationally.

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With a 20-year heritage in the industry, Be Military Fit (BMF) has consistently been at the forefront of outdoor fitness. BMF is leading the way with its cutting-edge training programs, recognized brand, and loyal membership base. The brand provides a great opportunity for master franchisees who want to tap into a powerful concept and scale it rapidly.

With Bear Grylls as a co-owner and partner, BMF has great reach into new territories. Master franchisees will benefit from the ability to quickly establish their business through instant recognition and credibility that comes from BMF’s brand power.

This is something that can take years to build with less established brands.

With a following of over 11 million across Bear’s social media platforms, the exposure provides an incredible way for franchisees to benefit from Bear’s BMF promotions. Bear’s media appearances can literally drive tens of thousands of visits to the BMF website, resulting in new leads and membership sales for franchise owners. A true demonstration of brand power.


With a worldwide audience taking part in Bear Grylls’ online workouts during the lockdown, there is a clear global demand for BMF’s accessible and results- orientated workouts.

In many ways, BMF provides the perfect antidote to the global health crisis and the current pandemic the world is facing. There is a growing recognition amongst the public that being fit and healthy is one of the best ways to prevent and reduce the impact of viruses, both now and in the future. This message is being reinforced by governments and medical professionals all over the world and is set to be amplified in the months and years ahead.

BMF already attracts members from a wide demographic from 18 to over 70 years old. When you combine this with the fact that outdoor exercise is generally recognized as being safer in the current climate, it’s easy to see how this form of exercise is set to rapidly increase in popularity.

Amongst its many benefits, outdoor exercise can be socially distanced more easily and brings with it all the benefits of fresh air and community engagement. For BMF, the outdoor fitness revolution is only just beginning.


Operating in the great outdoors also brings multiple benefits for franchisees. Unrestrained by the need for bricks-and-mortar sites, franchisees can scale their operations rapidly.

For individual franchise owners, this represents the opportunity to scale their businesses by taking on additional territories whilst building a team of instructors to deliver the training sessions across their multiple locations. This way, the franchisee is working on growing and developing their business into a valuable asset.

“With worldwide growth and a more knowledgeable consumer, Be Military Fit is well-positioned to dominate the global market. The outdoor fitness revolution is only just beginning”

The ability to develop multiple territories is driven by the low capital investment requirements and a quick to market set-up phase, helping franchisees to get into business and become profitable quickly.

For master franchisees, the ease of scalability allows for the rapid development of multi-unit franchisees and the ability to quickly build a strong network and brand presence in a new territory.

The ability to operate in outdoor spaces in both urban and rural environments means there are thousands of locations for franchisees to operate from, and the low number of members required to operate a profitable location means even the smallest of rural towns and villages can make a great BMF territory.


In addition to a powerful brand, BMF has developed a robust franchise support infrastructure. With industry experts and a dedicated franchise network support team on hand, BMF franchisees receive the highest levels of support throughout the lifecycle of their business journey.

The BMF franchise model includes programming, training, marketing, and IT systems to enable franchisees to operate their business efficiently.

The operating system allows franchisees to focus on growing their business and ensuring they and their team of instructors deliver a high-quality, consistent workout experience for members. This is paramount to the success of an outdoor fitness business.

Group training has become a worldwide phenomenon in the fitness industry. Members are demanding a better experience and are constantly looking for variety in their workouts.

BMF’s business is built on its member experience. Known to be the strongest community in fitness, BMF has built this member experience based on military methodology and cutting-edge training concepts that deliver results.

The programs are designed to attract a wide audience, from kids through to older adults, with workouts designed for complete beginners and competitive sessions for those looking for a challenge.

This allows a franchisee to build a sustainable business that engages the local community. The programming system provides a superb member journey and long term progression to keep people training with BMF for longer.

With the recent development of BMF at home, which incorporates the best live stream and on-demand BMF workouts utilizing the latest technology, members truly can train anywhere.


There couldn’t be a better time to get into the fitness industry. With worldwide growth and a more knowledgeable consumer, BMF is well-positioned to dominate the global market. The outdoor fitness revolution is only just beginning.


Established: 1999

Number of franchised units: 70 (franchising since 2019)

Location of units: U.K., California

Investment range: £25,000 (single unit)

Contact:, 07955 748203

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