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Friday 1st July, 2022

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The ‘Most Famous Bar on the Planet’ continues its global expansion and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original NYC bar that started it all!

The ‘Most Famous Bar on the Planet’ continues its global expansion and celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original NYC bar that started it all!

When owner and founder Liliana (Lil) Lovell started her small bar in New York City, she never imagined she was onto something that would be such a huge, world-wide success. Today, as the world-famous brand celebrates its 25th Anniversary in the business, Coyote Ugly is thriving and continuing to add to its global footprint, with expansion reaching all parts of the globe!

The world-famous Coyote Ugly Saloon brand appeals to both tourists and locals, who love the fun atmosphere and the lively entertainment provided by the renowned Coyotes. Both a bar and place to be entertained, visitors can expect to grab a few (or many) drinks as they watch the Coyotes dazzle the crowd with dancing, signing, games and more. Coyote Ugly is a culture and an experience that keeps patrons coming back for more.

The Coyote Ugly legend began in 1993 when Lil, a 24-year-old Wall Street apprentice-turned-bartender, was living a good life. She was doing a job she loved, making money, and gaining notoriety for her antics on the bar as well as behind it. Tired of working for other people, she was ready to make her move.

The plan was simple: open her own bar, make money, and have fun doing it. Determined not to let anyone or anything get in her way, she drew up a business plan: beautiful girls + booze = money. It was that simple concept that challenged the way the bar industry had worked for years and incited excitement and a culture that soon became world famous.

Nobody knows the culture better than founder and original Coyote Lil Lovell. Global Franchise was able to catch up with Lil, who now resides California, and hear her reflect on 25 years of Coyote Ugly.

What was your initial inspiration to open Coyote Ugly?

I had been in the restaurant /bar/ club business since I was 16. I did not want to be a manager/bartender forever so I took the leap and opened my own place. It was in the style that I liked; a bar that was an extension of my personality and something that was unique.

When you opened your first saloon, did you ever imagine you would have this level of global success?

A: I never thought Coyote Ugly would be this successful I’m constantly amazed at where we are and our continued growth worldwide.

When did you decide to open up other saloons in America?

The movie was free global advertising. I opened my second bar shortly after the movie was released and we’ve just grown from there.

What problems did you face when you turned Coyote Ugly into a franchise and how did you overcome them?

Maintaining brand integrity. Trying to make others understand that behind all the antics, these women are independent, strong people. With all the craziness that a night at Coyote Ugly can bring, there is a lot of work to be done in the back of the house to create a successful business. For us, this led to more training and the operational programs that we provide and require now. It’s always a challenge to translate a powerful image and well-known culture into new markets.

When and why did you decide to take the leap and turn Coyote Ugly into an international brand?

The amount of foreign inquiries was too great to ignore. The brand was an international success before I even realized it.

Have you had to adapt your business model to fit in with different countries’ market? Please provide examples of this?

It’s interesting, yes and no. I can have the Russian Coyotes come here and be just as good as the American girls. We will bend to the environment in new markets both here and abroad with things like incorporating more local music and local alcohol. There is a lot more dancing on the floor in some of the foreign bars based on cultural preference, every market is a little different, but the heart and soul of a Coyote Ugly bar is unmistakable when you walk through the doors no matter the country.

What’s next for Coyote Ugly?

The world is my oyster! There are still plenty of markets that need some Coyotes in their lives!

Coyote Ugly continues to grow the brand in the USA with corporate bar expansion and is on the hunt for the perfect franchisees abroad to enter new non-US markets. The brand is seeking partners for franchising who have the experience and desire to enter or expand into the bar/nightclub industry with a powerhouse brand like Coyote Ugly. The Saloons (bars) thrive in major cities with high tourism and many potential local patrons.

“What an incredible opportunity to open a new business that immediately benefits from brand recognition and has people lining up to check it out!” says Justin Livingston, Vice President of Global Development.

With 25 years of experience, over 25 Saloons world-wide, a huge, blockbuster movie, three seasons of a reality show on Country Music Television, Coyote Ugly Saloon is a rare gem of an opportunity. “It’s really a unique opportunity for a brand this size to have such wide availability in major international markets” says Livingston. “We’re taking the most famous bar in the world and offering not only the power and history of the brand and a support and training franchise program unparalleled in franchising.”

Led by Founder Lil Lovell, Coyote Ugly has a well-oiled machine for a system and is excited to translate that into one of the strongest support and training franchises in the world. The concept has a unique offering, able to provide systems and methods of running the world-famous brand with unrivalled support but also the flexibility to adapt to local cultures and traditions.

Think you may have what it takes to own the Most Famous Bar on the Planet? If you’d like to talk about the details and see if we are a good match for each other, visit and request information to Justin Livingston, Vice President of Global Development at

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