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There’s much to consider before you embark on a journey of global franchising. Bill Redfern advises.

Owning a global franchise can be an extremely fulfilling business journey, but not everyone is cut out for its unique challenges. Like any job, it takes a certain type of person to be prosperous within the industry.

Before looking at the personalities of a successful global franchisor, it is important that you have considered how your brand will adapt to a global audience. Have you done your research? Is your brand’s business model strong enough to withstand distance? How does your brand stand out among the rest?

Finding success for your brand globally begins with extensive research and exploratory travel. Conducting market research through physically taking a trip to your target market to explore the culture and learn the business etiquette from the local business experts will immediately set you apart within the industry. Take cultural barriers into consideration and hire translators who can help guide you through specific customers and convey your brand’s message in a respectful, appropriate manner.

But that can only happen if your brand has a strong enough business model to withstand distance. The brand, regardless of location, should provide each and every customer with the same experience. This can be attributed to a thorough initial training, the consistency of a proven business model and supporting your franchisees. Take pride in the fact that your company is able to grow internationally because of your franchise partners – the brand is only as good as they are.

Your franchise partners are your leading assets when it comes to diversifying your brand from others within the industry. It begins with initial training and continues through support of both the brand’s goals as well as the franchisee’s personal professional goals.

Once you have decided that you feel confident in launching your brand globally, you should take a minute and look within. Throughout my time in the franchising industry, I have launched three global franchise brands and have learned many lessons with each and every launch. I have also learned a lot from the mentors and friends I have made along the way and found a surprising checklist of commonalities for global franchise owners.

Be open minded

One of the incredible opportunities of being a global franchisor is the ability to conduct extensive research and exploratory travel in order to discover the perfect new market. This is no easy task. It involves educating yourself in the culture and business etiquettes and doing interviews with other local industry professionals to see what it takes to own a business there; it may even involve a translator due to cultural barriers.

Having an open mind allows you to learn and grow more than you think you can. It means you can admit that you aren’t an expert; you are not all-knowing. You consider new ideas, whether they are coming from fellow business professionals, advancements in technology or your franchise partners.

Have little-to-no prior experience

Through my experience, it is not the tradesmen who succeed, but the people who come in with little-to-no experience in the service they would like to provide. Technical skills can be taught, however personalities that enhance job performance cannot (i.e. problem solving, organization skills).

Successful global franchisors are successful because they are good at what they do; supporting franchisees, growing the business and networking with other professionals, not because they are good at the technical skill of the business. They understand their strengths of customer service and create business momentum from there.

Aptitude for customer service

Customer service is one of the leading common personalities of a job that cannot be taught; it can only be tested. The greatest lesson I have learned during my global franchising career is that old-fashioned customer service and attention to detail, both in dealing with consumer customers and our franchise partners, can go a long way.

Remain self-motivated

There are theories that attempt to explain and understand motivation theory, but the truth is that it is unique to each and every person. It comes from the personal drive, commitment, initiative and optimism within a person. To find your force, it’s important that you understand your motives – what drives you? Successful global franchisors understand their values and motives and are not afraid to fight for what they want to achieve. They relieve the pressures of external pressure by focusing on their internal drive.

Continuously have a positive mentality

The concept of confidently moving forward applies to everyone going through this phase of business growth. One of my favorite lessons for this moment is “Don’t fear failure. Positivity is the key to success.” Worrying about the what-ifs will only be a waste of time. Successful entrepreneurs have trained their minds to be positive without being too far-fetched and optimistic. They understand that there will be challenges on a business journey, but the key is to know that they are not be set-backs just a lesson to learn while reaching your ultimate goal.

Ongoing personal development

Personal development can appear in many different forms, but the crucial goal of ongoing personal development is to lead yourself to a more fulfilling, higher quality of life and find personal empowerment. Even the best global franchise owner knows that they are not done learning and maximizing their potential – they are “students for life.” They are continuously setting goals for themselves to achieve no matter how big or small and they keep pushing toward them. Finally, the most successful global franchisor understands that with every international expansion comes an opportunity to enhance their business throughout the system. It allows for new ideas to erupt and challenges to strengthen the brand’s business model.


A proven expert in international franchising, Bill Redfern, Founder, President and CEO of Global Franchise Opportunities, is responsible for the development, growth and success of the standout home-focused concepts of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions and iHandyman. His first concept, ABCHI, became the largest Canadian home inspection franchise after only two years of operation, and subsequently grew into one of the world’s largest home inspection companies. Today, ABCHI has over 200 franchises operating in 15 countries around the world. Following ABCHI’s worldwide success, Redfern launched iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions in 2014 and iHandyman in 2015.

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