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Printing Money?

Even in this wired age, print communication can be a highly effective tool, especially for franchisees looking to increase their business in a local area

Even in this wired age, print communication can be a highly effective tool, especially for franchisees looking to increase their business in a local area

There are many tactics available when it comes to advertising and each tactic has strengths and weaknesses depending on the location and type of company utilizing them. One tactic that works well for all types and locations is print advertising.

From postcards and shared mail to newspaper and magazines, there are plenty of printed media types to choose from.

Saturation vs targeted distribution

The first thing to consider when creating your print campaign is the use of saturation or targeted distribution. Saturation distribution will deliver pieces to all individuals in a chosen area.

This distribution works well for a company that is located in an area where the propensity of individuals to visit the business is high. For example, a new grocery store would benefit from a saturation distribution because they want to announce the new location to all individuals in the surrounding area.

Because all households will visit a grocery store at one time or another, the saturation distribution will work.

To increase the amount of business they might consider including coupons or weekly specials to entice customers. However, if the store specializes in health foods and has a limited number of brands, the store should consider a more targeted approach.

Targeted distribution will not only attract customers with a high propensity to visit the store but can also offer specials geared toward the individual. A great example of this would be a health food store that wants to increase their customer base by offering a special on turkey breast.

A study by Men’s Journal shows that a 3.5 oz serving of skinless turkey breast has 30 grams of protein which is an excellent source for those who regularly workout (Munoz, 2018). By utilizing this information, the store can then target individuals between the ages of 22 through 55 who are interested in fitness.

By including this fact and a coupon or special on the piece, the targeted distribution will entice the selected demographic and increase sales.

Carrier route vs mailing list

If a location has chosen to do a targeted approach, there is one more level of targeting to consider. Will the store mail to specific carrier routes with high propensities or to a specific mailing list of individuals?

Using the example of the health food store from before, consider this; the mail distributed to a carrier route has the added bonus of enticing those along the route who may not perfectly fit the demographic for your propensity.

The distribution then expands the customer base beyond the demographic targeted but in the safety of an area where the highest propensity of the targeted demographic live. The list approach will only mail to the desired demographic.

Mistakes to avoid

Regardless of the print tactic you use, there is one important rule to remember. One distribution is never enough. Those beginning their advertising campaigns will often make the mistake of a ‘Spray and Pray’ approach. This is a saturated distribution that only occurs once.

It is the hope of the advertiser that their message reaches as many individuals as possible around their location in an effort to drive business.

For obvious reasons, this doesn’t work. Advertising requires planning and effort. There is no magic advertising solution, no wand that can be waved to bring in customers; it all comes down to persistence and proper utilization of tools.

Silvercrest Advertising provides these tools to our clients through our Localized Media Automation Platform (LMap). In LMap you can build your own propensity maps and discover exactly where your customers live.

You can customize your creative and deliver a powerful advertising message to those who will be most receptive. Need more help? We have a team of skilled media buyers and planners who know how to get the most out of your advertising budget. With LMap, One is all you need.


William Rodriguez is the CEO of Silvercrest and an expert in the field of technology and franchise advertising. Founded in 2011, William built Silvercrest into the powerhouse technology solution it is today offering solutions to franchises and small businesses alike.

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