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Need some advice, motivation or feel stuck in your career? Consider this your monthly pick-me-up dose of business inspiration

The influencer we follow for International Franchising

Farrah Rose

Some of the most influential leaders in the world of franchising have storied careers, whether it’s helping a major brand open in a new market, or bringing their expertise to government. Farrah Rose, the head of international development at The Franchising Centre can claim to have done both.

From Burger King to the Arcadia Group, Farrah has extensive experience in supporting continent-wide business as well as direct experience in creating packages for master franchisees and licensees for major brands such as Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and many more.

Today, Farrah works at The Franchising Centre, which has seen support the international growth bands like Rubicon, Water Babies and Knight Frank. She has also worked as an advisor to a minister in the government of Guernsey, as well as with royal families in the Middle East.


The podcast we tune into for expert business advice

Social Geek Radio

Social Geek Radio is one of the most long-standing franchising podcasts in existence today, with its first episode released in 2010. The show has had a few different names and guests, but the host today is Jack Monson, an experienced digital marketer, franchise marketer and brand journalist.

With three regular releases a week, interested listeners have 300 episodes of the show to go back and tune into. In addition to interviews with CEOs and knowledgeable figures in the world of franchising, the podcast also focuses on weekly news updates in the industry.

It also explores the marketing side of the franchising world and discusses new technology and social media for franchisors and franchisees alike.

Guest hosts are welcomed onto the show too for in-depth coverage of specialist topics, such as small business owners.

Must-listen episode: Episode 36 – Health and wellness trends: Sarah Moudry, Nicole Alburger

The podcast we tune into to franchise like a pro

Franchising 101

Franchising 101, like many franchising podcasts, started out in the pandemic-afflicted year of 2020. The podcast is hosted by Tim Parmenter, the founder and CEO of FranCoach, a consultancy that teams franchisees with franchisors.

With weekly releases, this podcast casts a wide net in terms of its target audience. Its episodes can appeal to seasoned investors as well as those who are just beginning to investigate the world of franchising, and seeing whether it is the right fit for them or not.

Non-experts can download episodes that outline some of the basics, like the nature of the owner-operator model, or how the franchise agreement is drafted.

Parmenter also brings on one of his 500-plus franchisor clients during certain episodes to talk through their brand and opportunity it can provide to potential franchisees.

Must listen episode: Episode 23 – Does the size of the franchise matter?


The book we read to assess our direction and find a clear purpose

Leading From Purpose by Nick Craig

Purpose, and its importance in business, has been interrogated and investigated deeply over the past few years. With less and less differentiating one brand from another, purpose has proven to be a strong marker of what makes a brand, a brand.

That’s why Nick Craig penned his book about purpose; what it is and what it isn’t. The need to have this key element can feel daunting, and this book helps to dispel the idea that every leader must have a major issue that is close to their heart and that they feel they can solve. Nick speaks to business leaders over the world to get an understanding of what purpose means to them, and how it successfully drives their business. The book outlines that leading purpose provides reassurance, clarity and focus to act confidently in the dark.

The book we read to do our homework and buy a franchise

101 questions to ask before you invest in a franchise by Dr. John P. Hayes

Dr. John P. Hayes is absolutely committed to franchising education. He’s penned multiple books and is the chair of the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

That’s why potential franchisees should look to Dr. Hayes as a foremost source of research before embarking on their franchising journey. Knowledge is key, and franchisees must know exactly what to ask franchisors before committing the years and money required to make it a success.

That’s why he prepared a list of 101 questions that a candidate should ask of the franchisor, franchise executives and even franchisees to get an understanding of the opportunity at hand and the effort required to make it work.

The book we read for financial results of high-performing franchisees

The Wealthy Franchisee: Game – Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar by Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg has experience as an award-winning franchisee and wanted to bring his knowledge and experience to others, as well as that of scientists and cognitive behavioral experts.

In his book, he outlines the mental habits, the techniques and financial results of the most successful entrepreneurs and franchisees. He truly focuses on the importance of the human element in business, and is particularly interested in developing strong employee relationships.

While certain operations can be automated to save cost, the human component can be optimized to add more overall value. Building superstar teams and focusing on experience is what allows franchisees to truly harness the potential of their business and become wealthy.

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