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Thursday 11th August, 2022

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Five Minutes With Tamara Smith


Five Minutes With Tamara Smith

Global Franchise meets revenue-earning marketer Tamara Smith

Global Franchise meets revenue-earning marketer Tamara Smith

Tamara Smith came to the world of franchising with a wide range of global marketing experience, from investment funds, to music, to alcoholic beverages, film and television, and journalism. Working with major international franchise brands, she’s had the opportunity to implement both traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques to drive record-breaking franchise sales.

Briefly, what has been your experience with franchising to date?

My experience has been focused on franchise development, but doesn’t stop there. Helping brands to grow their franchisee family beyond the initial sale – systems, support, training – is a passion. Franchising changes lives.

What attracts you to the franchising business?

The franchising business is unique. There are so many concepts available, there’s really something for everyone. It’s exciting to pair franchisors with their ideal franchisees. There is often a perfect fit and it’s so rewarding to witness, especially when you see the franchised business become a family business and legacy.

What makes a good marketer?

A good marketer needs to know their market and their numbers. The market will dictate the strategy and the data will define the tactics.

How would you describe yourself?

I refer to myself as a marketing guru meets tech nerd. What that means is that I love working on the unique strategy for any brand, yet also understand how all of the newest and greatest technology works and can be implemented correctly.

How did Just Franchise Marketing come to be?

My partner Hanna Guerra and I had worked for the same companies at different times yet had never met. We connected on LinkedIn and ended up discussing our thoughts on franchise marketing for an entire morning. We remained in touch and eventually discussed how we had both wanted to start a company that focused solely on franchise marketing, and the unique value we could offer. A few months later, Just Franchise Marketing was born.

Why should franchisors hire you guys?

We’ve sat on both sides of the table and understand the gaps. Transparency is key. Franchisors need actionable information through detailed reports and data. We don’t rest on simply delivering successful campaigns. We’re truly invested in the long-term success of both our franchisors and their franchisees. Beyond making franchise sales, we’re invested in changing lives. At the end of the day, it’s about ongoing revenues for both the franchisee and franchisor. We aim to make everyone happy.

What are your major interests?

Data, researching, books. Great movies or television. Video games, mainly Call of Duty, Zombies, comedy, bodies of water.

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