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Sunday 5th February, 2023

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Snap Fitness repositions with a winning brand refresh

Case Study

Snap Fitness repositions with a winning brand refresh

A game-changing innovation for members and franchisees alike

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Snap Fitness, winner of the 2022 Global Franchise Best Fitness Franchise Award, dug deep to take something constructive from the global pandemic – turning it into a positive opportunity to re-examine their brand and all that it stands for.

“Our goal was to ensure that our Snap Fitness brand has real – and vitally relevant – standout. That we’re known as the most inclusive and supportive fitness experience. And that our approach to fitness best serves the needs of both our members, and our valued franchisees,” explains Ty Menzies, CEO of Snap Fitness’ parent company, Lift Brands.

Broad-reaching research conducted by Snap Fitness revealed that what its members really want is an inclusive, supportive experience that makes them feel good, rather than just look good. Its study also honed in a key scientific fact: by releasing a variety of great natural mood boosters, including endorphins and dopamine, exercise helps you feel better.

“These crucial findings were the inspiration behind our new Snap Fitness mission, helping people create positive lifestyle habits that make them feel fantastic,” says Rose Minar, Lift Brand’s chief marketing officer.

“We saw a real opportunity to develop a compelling new Snap Fitness concept that enabled members to enjoy great experiences as part of a supportive, inclusive community, offering hybrid fitness solutions – including exercise at home, in the gym and as part of a group in a class.”

A new look

All Snap Fitness clubs will be restyled and converted, to align with the brand repositioning, becoming enjoyable spaces where members love to spend time. And the brand is passionate about creating a whole new holistic ethos, giving expert advice on nutrition, mind management and all-round wellness.

This super-supportive, step-by-step community approach helps break down barriers to entry, so members of every shape, size and type feel right at home. It acknowledges that all fitness is valid fitness – in the gym and in everyday life.

The approach is backed by a range of Snap Fitness signature services, including 24/7 access; personal trainers and programs; the best range of training equipment, group classes and a friendly team. Plus, it’s enabled with the new, free-to-members Snap App, which helps them track their progress with on-demand exercise content, holistic guidance on nutrition, mindful living, and more.

Enhancing the member experience will bring obvious benefits to every Snap Fitness franchisee. “With these strategic enhancements in place, Snap Fitness is setting the mood for greater expansion and ever more successful franchising,” says Menzies.

Combining a compellingly modern concept with best-in-class support and training for franchisees, the repositioned Snap Fitness represents a relevant investment. Additionally, it will allow for rapid expansion across key U.K., Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, and growth in more metro markets across North America, with a goal of achieving 1,500 global locations in the next five years.

“We hope many more new members and franchisees will share our excitement about our refreshed, industry-leading, holistic member experience,” says Menzies. “That they’ll join us. And that, in line with our new Snap Fitness mission, they’ll feel really fantastic about the positive outcomes.”

At a Glance Snap Fitness

Established: 2003
Number of units: Over 1,000
Location of units: 20+ countries (open or committed)
Investment range: Single unit: $350,000 – $750,000 (varies by country)
Master franchise: $2m – $5m
Minimum required capital: Single unit: $75,000+ (varies by country) Master franchise: $2m

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