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Monday 25th September, 2023

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DIÉTNATURAL Weight Loss Franchise Fattens Incomes

Case Study

DIÉTNATURAL Weight Loss Franchise Fattens Incomes

Alex Cuté founded natural slimming franchise Diétnatural in 2012. Giorgio Nadali explains why you should partner this promising Italian brand…

Alex Cuté founded natural slimming franchise Diétnatural in 2012. Giorgio Nadali explains why you should partner this promising Italian brand

What is the franchise opportunity with Diètnatural?
Franchising Diètnatural was founded in 2012 and over the years has proved to be a dynamic brand, developing its network throughout Italy.

Currently the brand boasts more than 90 centers spread throughout the Italian territory.

Accessing the Diètnatural network is possible without previous experience in the entrepreneurial world thanks to the support of its parent company.

Support is provided in all phases of development: opening, personal recruitment, management of the point of sale, marketing, etc.

Moreover, the low investment and the high profit margins allow a return on investment in the first year of opening. The offer does not include advertising fees, entrance fees and royalties.

This is an excellent opportunity for those looking for an investment in a rapidly-expanding sector – that of nutrition and dietetics – and also for those who have a degree in subjects related to nutrition and want to turn their skills into a source of revenue.

What is the current market for food supplements?

For many years now the food integration sector has witnessed a real boom, with greater transparency required by companies in the sector, and consumers making better educated choices of products.

The search for quality makes this sector very competitive and only those who are willing to update their product ranges and develop innovative formulas are able to stay in the market.

It is no coincidence that ERFO S.p.A. pharmaceutical laboratory, which owns the Diètnatural brand and produces food supplements sold exclusively within the centers, is always looking for the perfect combination of natural raw materials and the latest findings in science and technology.

Products must also comply with safety directives dictated by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Cuté, tell us about weight loss marketing using the new communication tools

There is a constant need to update product ranges and these ranges are promoted using cutting-edge techniques.

With our marketing strategies, every customer must be informed and ‘educated’ to make conscious choices and choose Diètnatural in a natural way. In this way, the customer becomes a kind of brand ambassador, and create spontaneous and viral promotion.

New tools help us a lot in this activity, primarily social networks that break down all barriers and create a direct brand-user contact more powerful than any other type of communication.

You say that the weight loss franchise is the business of the moment. Why?

Slimming franchising is the business of the moment for two main reasons. Firstly, a franchise allows the creation and channeling of private sector forces into one big reality, enriched with the know-how of each of its components.

In this continuous dialogue between franchisors and franchisees, and between the different franchisees themselves, a link is created that promotes a network of relationships which enable people to cooperate towards a common goal: to grow together and to grow properly, for their own well-being and for that of their customers.

The second factor is related to the improvement of Western standards of living, which has contributed to substantially change everyone’s habits, including food habits. The greater availability of food, the interest of producers to supply the tables with high-yield and longer-lasting products, have contributed to the abuse of food itself and an increase in excess body fat.

The history of Dietnatural begins in 2010, right in the middle of the financial crisis.

While many companies closed or pulled their oars into the boat to avoid bankruptcy, Ale Cutè decided to leave his post as a public manager to start a business in a promising sector: that of weight loss and food supplements.

His intuitions and analysis proved to be correct because, after almost ten years, the market is constantly expanding: the industry has recorded positive results in terms of revenues, employment and exports.

Why is this market expanding?

With today’s stressful lifestyles and bad eating habits, we are all overweight. Because of this, the world is turning to natural products, and there is a desire to return to the state of well-being that we have lost through industrialization.

How did you get the idea of starting a food supplement business?

It all started about ten years ago when there was an evident growth in the world of supplements, both in terms of revenues and exports, so much so that today the integrators are worth about two and a half billion euros, with an annual growth of nine per cent.

How many affiliates do you have?

We have 90 outlets in Italy, of which five direct and 85 affiliates. We are counting on reaching 100 outlets at the end of the year. In January 2019 we will open in Spain and France. In 2019 we will reach 140 stores in Italy.

In 2014 you won the award for best Italian franchise. Why did you choose the franchise formula?

To give the opportunity to those in the world of nutrition to create their own independent business. To develop our method for wellness and weight loss as quickly as possible.

We have a structure capable of supporting our affiliates, in marketing and in problems related to nutrition. We provide two general training courses throughout Italy.

Are you looking for a Master Franchise?

Yes, we are looking for a Master Franchise for the United Kingdom and France


Name of franchise:


Number of franchised outlets: 102

Location of units: All Italy

Investment range: from 15,000 to 25,000 Euros

Minimum required capital:
15,000 Euros

URL: www.dietnatural.it

Contact: alex.cute@dietnatural.it wwww.dietnatural.it

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