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Award-winning firm Local Fame proves marketing is all about quality, not quantity

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Award-winning firm Local Fame proves marketing is all about quality, not quantity

Local Fame punched above its weight to claim Best PR & Marketing Firm at the Global Franchise Awards 2022

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The award-winning franchise marketing firm, Local Fame, has consistently challenged the biggest players in the market and come back as a winner. Local Fame proves that marketing is not about flashy offices and outsized marketing spends; it comes from professionals who have a deep understanding of the industry, and what is needed to be persuasive.

This is something the marketing firm has in spades with managing director, Dani Peleva. Peleva has been in the franchising industry for over 12 years, and has led numerous branding and marketing teams in territories around the world. Her experience stems from her time working for franchisors, as well as owning her own franchise prior to taking up the reins at Local Fame.

What’s more, Local Fame is staffed by many former franchise marketers, who have experience working for and with brands. This is a marketing firm that is completely focused on franchising, which is evidenced by its victory in the Best PR and Marketing Firm category of the Global Franchise Awards 2022, despite some stiff competition from larger and more established agencies.

From global to local; all angles are covered

Local Fame’s clients are some of the biggest in the industry, with some registering over 2,500 locations worldwide. It’s a company with all the experience of working with the largest players in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t support franchisees.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing for a franchise since each brand is different, and business owners can have different definitions of success. While for some it may be to maximize the number of units, for others, it’s about maximizing profitability before adding locations. Whatever the goal may be, Local Fame can work with it and adjust its processes to reach the desired end with personalized marketing plans.

The size and manoeuvrability of the company allows it to respond to changes in real-time and instantly capitalize on new trends.

Franchisees aren’t left out either; Local Fame can assist with recruitment, marketing and anything else required to make a unit a success.

A small team making a big impact

The team of 25 do the work of 50 or more, and that is because of the team’s extensive experience with the franchising industry, meaning that there is little for newhires to get acquainted with. They start with an intrinsic understanding of what franchisors seek from marketing campaigns, because many used to work for one.

The proof can be seen in the number of awards claimed by Peleva and her team. In 2014, the marketing agency claimed the European Search Award and was nominated for it again in 2019, and was even shortlisted for the Marketing Excellence Award by the Quality Franchise Association. Remarkably, Local Fame managed to bag the award for Global Franchise’s Best Marketing and PR Firm for the 2022 edition despite facing up against larger and older firms.

Franchisors who are looking for a marketing partner that is committed, responsive and experienced should look no further than Local Fame.

At a Glance Local Fame

Year established: 2014
Number of offices: 3
Location of units: London, Austin and Perth

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