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Thursday 26th January, 2023

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Australasia Planet Fitness accelerates world domination with Australian franchises

One of America’s biggest names in the fitness franchising space has started opening its ‘Judgement Free Zones’ Down Under

Australasia Gold’s Gym announces deal to expand in Australia and enter the New Zealand market

The fitness brand’s latest expansion deal confirms plans for continued growth in Australia as well as its landmark entry to the New Zealand market

Australasia Have you considered taking your franchise business to these countries instead?

Competition can be rife in countries with long-established traditions in franchising, so it may be worthwhile looking at some less obvious locations

Australasia How to successfully franchise in Australia

Franchise brands inbound to Australia will find a smaller but well-established franchise market. Peter Buckingham, MD of Spectrum Analysis Australia, tells you what to expect

Australasia Australian Expansion for Nurse Next Door

Vancouver-based care concept Nurse Next Door, has announced its move into global franchising with the sale of a master franchise…

Australasia Australian Mexicans for Ireland

Australian-based Mexican restaurant chain Zambrero plans six new outlets in Ireland in 2018. Dublin currently has four locations. The move…

Australasia Australia: New laws target worker exploitation

Australia has passed the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill, assigning some responsibility to franchisors for the conduct of…

Australasia Australia sees rise of multi-unit franchise model

Over 50% of franchise revenue in Australia is now derived from multi-unit operations, according to research carried out by the…

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