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Wednesday 7th December, 2022

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TRIB3: the rapidly growing boutique fitness opportunity


TRIB3: the rapidly growing boutique fitness opportunity

Join an industry that’s seeing record levels of customer demand

Join an industry that’s seeing record levels of customer demand.

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The backdrop of multiple lockdowns wasn’t typically a pre-cursor for growth, but for boutique fitness franchisor, TRIB3, the rising focus on fitness and physical activity combined with its unique, volume boutique model meant the brand has grown at pace. The brand announced further international territories including the Netherlands and opened several new stores in Spain and the U.K.


So, what is the volume boutique model? Studio design is a big part of what makes the TRIB3 concept and business model so special. With the proprietary TRI training system, where customers train across Treadmills, Resistance and Intensity, the studio layout and programming are designed to maximize space and maximize results.

Each studio is equipped to offer the maximum amount of spots-per-session per 1,000 sq. ft of available space. A typical TRIB3 store will feature a studio offering more than 40 spaces per class. TRIB3 has been able to harness the most powerful elements of the ‘boutique’ model – the power of the group and the community – but scale it for volume so that it’s commercially exciting and highly resilient to the impacts of COVID-19-related distancing and safety measures. Each new TRIB3 studio can break even at prudent and highly achievable occupancy levels allowing for fast, effective results, while the group environment cultivates loyalty and referral to drive the business.

Stores can range from having an open plan reception with a unisex locker area to more expansive locations offering a lounge area and large-scale protein Mixology bar among other amenities.

TRIB3 knows that one size does not fit all, so that’s why franchise partners can create their perfect TRIB3, aligned with the available square footage, the demographic of their chosen location, and their investment level.

Additionally, with the highly curated design and commercially effective business model, as a master franchise partner with TRIB3, you’ll quickly recruit store owners into your network; all with the guidance and backing of a highly experienced support team and a proven operational blueprint, so you don’t have to be from the sector to start your TRIB3.

Likewise, the nature of the programming and workout experience means the TRIB3 concept has strong consumer appeal across the largest possible audience to drive great results for each store.


The time is now to step into the fitness industry. A recent survey by Leisure-net of 33,000 active gym members found that 90 per cent would use their fitness facilities more or at the same rate once they were able to reopen, signifying the importance people are placing on taking care of their health.

TRIB3 values franchise partners who are aligned with this vision to build a global family of workout warriors. One of TRIB3’s recent multisite development agreements will see the brand bring eight stores to Ireland. This new territory came as a result of their new franchise partners recognizing that the concept would really land and that there was a huge opportunity to create strong and exciting connections with consumers through unforgettable workout experiences.

As TRIB3’s business model centers around putting the customer at the heart of everything, every time someone sets foot in TRIB3, they receive exceptional and unrivaled service. That’s why as a TRIB3 store matures, 80 per cent of revenue will come as repeat purchases from a store’s existing customer base and a huge proportion of new leads will be generated by referrals from this highly engaged base.

Step into the fitness industry and be part of this exciting and growing sector with a proven business model – start your TRIB3 today.


Established: 2016

Number of franchised outlets: 7

Location of units: U.K., Spain, Russia, Finland, China, Republic of Ireland (coming Q3 2021), and the Netherlands (coming Q3 2021)

Investment range: £232k to £422k (market dependant)

Minimum required capital: £137k to £309k, cash requirement can be reduced by c.50% with bank funding


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